Welcome to the 'About Fitter Happier' section. This page is designed to tell you everything I can think of about the site. The links within this section are to the left, so just click away!

Uninteresting Facts About Fitter Happier - Radiohead

Name: Fitter Happier - Radiohead
Address: http://fitterhappier.org, or http://radiohead1.tripod.com/
Version: This is actually Fitter Happier v4.0, believe it or not.
Feedback: paul@fitterhappier.org
Date Of Creation: February 2nd 2001
Creator/Maintainer: Paul Marshall
Other Staff Members: None at the moment ;_;

Wasn't that boring? :D Well... yes. Fitter Happier is a completely unofficial Radiohead fan-site run by (for the time being) just me. All the images were created in Adobe Photoshop 5.5, and all the html was coded manually in Editpad or Notepad. An awful lot of work has gone into the site, so please don't steal any of the images, code, text or designs without asking permission first.

Fitter Happier - Radiohead was created as my personal tribute to the greatest band in the world. I created the site because I enjoy webdesign, and wanted to create a site about my passion, which is Radiohead. I wanted to tell the world about them! I've seen many of the current Radiohead fansites around, and great as they are, I felt I could improve upon them. This is my attempt. Whether it's better than most is up to you. It's still a baby really. Only a few months old, but I'm confident that it will go places and be amongst the big Radiohead sites in the future.

The site has 16 sections to it, split up to easily categorise all the Radiohead information. You can find links to all the sections on the Main page. They are:

> News - A section dedicated to up to the minute news all about Radiohead. This is the most frequently updated section of the site, often changed daily.

> Radiohead - This part is all about the band. With information on the individual members and them as a whole, including the history of how they were formed.

> New Album - A page (or pages) full of information all about the band's upcoming album. At the moment it's Amnesiac but it'll change when another is confirmed.

> Discography - A rather large section with detailed information and pictures of all of the band's releases to date, including singles, eps, albums, videos, books and a videography!

> Touring Centre - Section for all the band's tour dates! The upcoming tour dates will be listed here with information on how to get tickets, oldder gigs have links to setlists etc.

> Site Features (Under construction) - Coming soon! When I have time, I'm gonna build this unique section with some cool interactive features for the site, not sure what yet =D

> Lyrics & Songs - Information, quotes, lyrics and more for every single song known from Radiohead. Including album tracks, b-sides and unreleased material.

> Multimedia - All kinds of Radiohead downloads. Audio, video, pictures, desktop themes and such. The current layout is from Fitter Happier v3.0 so this section isn't yet finished.

> Message Boards - An interactive forum that you can join to discuss whatever you want to, about Radiohead, or not. That's where I'll be.

> Updates - Every time I update something about the site, I explain it here. Not very interesting, but I'm sure someone must read it.

> Viewing Requirements - A nice long page full of me rambling endlessly (like this one) about how best to view the site, what software to use etc.

> Disclaimer - Get out of jail free cards. Just law stuff so that I can't be sued (I hope).

> Affiliates & Links - Sites affiliated with Fitter Happier in some way are all detailed here. My links section is in here too, as well as webrings and stuff.

> About Me (Under construction) - This section is going to be all about me, Paul Marshall, this site's webmaster. I'm not too interesting, but y'know... Indeed.

> About Fitter Happier - That's this section, which is pretty much self explanatory. But scroll up anyway.

> Guestbook - My seriously neglected guestbook! If you visit the site, sign the book and let me know you've been! Please ;_;