Here are the sites Fitter Happier is in direct affiliation with. The sites listed here (there aren't many yet) are basically partner sites. I hope to get a few Radiohead ones listed here in future, but as you can see, affiliates don't limit to just Radiohead. It can be anything, if I really like your site.

:: RydiaNU ::

My girlfriend's personal website. This site is quite big, with content all about her, and me, and the stuff she likes and more. It's also filled with dozens of absolutely gorgeous designs. She's a lot better at webdesign than me ^^

:: Meeting People Is ::

German, extremely interactive and up to date fan-site. The design is nice, and the sections are detailed, but the best thing about this site is that as soon as you enter the first page... You can interact with it. There's a little chatroom in the corner, you can add comments to news articles and vote in polls. As well as much more.

:: More Productive Radiohead ::

One of the most original, informative, gorgeous Radiohead sites out there! This place deserves more attention as it contains enough content and eye candy to blow most Radiohead sites away.

Do you want your site to affiliate with Fitter Happier? Then e-mail me. All applications are considered, but I won't accept just anyone, so don't be offended if you don't hear from me.