Here's a load of various quotes from Colin Greenwood in interviews and the such...

"I mean, I'm in a band, we're reasonably successful, I've got a very nice suit - I'm not even a bad person- so why can't I get a shag?"

"I tend to play better in the studio, no pressures, just sheer volume and alcohol."

[on OK Computer]
"If you thought there were no singles on The Bends, you should hear this one !!"

"What I really hated about Britpop was all that tiresome irony. As if bands shouldn't be serious things."

"No surprises is our 'stadium-friendly' song. The idea was : First frighten everyone with 'Climbing up the walls' and then comfort them again with a popsong with a chorus that sounds like a lullaby."

"There's a literary analogy for that."

"All of us except Thom are doing like 3 interviews a day. And it completely talks us out. I feel like Mr Vacuum -Brained Bimbo at the moment... haircare techinques..."

"The Bends was many things, but it wasn't really chirpy, was it? It was more like a darkness lumbering over the horizon with gun turrets strafing the Britpop hordes with misery... er, sorry. Got a bit carried away there."

"We were all scared of Phil. He was in the class ahead of us, and he was in this band called jungle telegraph, so we knew him as 'the graf.' we weren't old enough and not in with his crowd."

"Thom had got into dance music at college and kept on playing theses awful house records. God only knows what they were. I was working at Our Price and in the evenings all I wanted to do was sit round and listen to the Pale Saints. But Thom would stick on this horrendous techno music. He got pretty short shift from the rest of us."

"Occasionally I play the music for my mother when she demands to hear it and she always just says, 'Who is that singing? I don't like the singing.' And then she says 'Who's doing all that bumpety-bump noise?' It's all noise backing up horrible singing as far as she's concerned. She's not a show-biz mother."

"Some friends of mine were searched by British anti-terrorist police who were Radiohead fans. This was in London about a month ago after the Ira bomb. They were in another band and the policeman goes, "have you heard of Radiohead? They're my favorite gr p!..." with their machine guns. It appeals to a lot of people."

[on Gary Davis]
"When he was doing the weekend breakfast show on Radio 1, he was the only person who played our first single, 'Prove Yourself'. The only person ANYWHERE. God knows why, condiering the chorus went, 'I'm better off dead'. I'd like to meet him and say, 'John Peel never played our record, but your did. You're a star'"

[on OK Computer]
"It's not The Bends, the sequel, or of the prequel. But, there's a continuity. You don't get the feeling we've ripped up all the songs from The Bends and reinvented ourselves in a horribly pop-tastic way."

"Jonny doesn't want to do TV interviews because he thinks that he comes across as an idiot"

[on playing Paranoid Android to the Alanis Morissett concert-goers]
"Luckily, those fans were all in their teens, so with the trauma of adolescence and stuff, they'll forget about it. It was the Ronnie Corbett moment in the set. Time to go to the toilet."

[on living with the band]
"I don't know if I'd do it again. Maybe if it was a house in Trinidad, but it would have to be large enough so we never saw each other."

"My letter has been a bit tardy, because my computer decided to make a break for freedom in a hotel lobby in Harrisburg, and ended up crashing onto the marble floor. This has severely curtailed my surfing, just as I'd discovered the joys of newsgroups and other techno trivia."

"This is getting a bit Crispian."

"It's very important to try and make every concert you do special and different and we really try to do that. It's quite psychologically draining sometimes you know."

[on coping with fame]
"I don't have to, so it's not my problem. I wouldn't want to"

"I know! I know one! How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker was getting for Christmas? He felt his presents! There, that was funny. You didn't just laugh to be polite, did you?"

[on high and dry]
"Over 2 years old now... Ah! So young, pure and innocent then - now I'm just old, pure and innocent! Damn!"

"We do have a bit of a reputation of being naughty slappers of the road who'll go with anybody. The old whores that we are!"

[on the 1996 Brit Awards]
"Yes, we were all there and we're never going again because it was a travesty and a farce and full of obnoxious, drug taking, alcohol swilling, corporate pigs."

[singing to the chorus of Lucky]
"I want ham rolls.. I want ham rolls.. with cheeeeeseeee."

"We try to treat everywhere we play differently and that's really important. Otherwise, you feel you are just in a vacuum from going from bus to stage, play for people, into another bus and back to the hotel and it could be anywhere and that would be terrible."

[on Bones]
"It rocks like a mutha."

[on Planet Telex]
"Err...whooshy? Sitting in t.v. room at rak studio whilst Thom, Ed and Leckie were working on it, thinking... 'What is this old bollocks?' ...then putting bass on, thinking... 'Oh yes, oooh yess, I like it!'."

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