I was about to make some screenshots when I discovered the video was a bit naff and didn't allow it.
If anyone has any screenshots for this video, be sure to send them my way. The address is: paul@fitterhappier.org.

Director: Sophie Muller
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Sent to TV stations around October 2001, this was the video for the I Might Be Wrong live EP, despite the fact that it is a studio recorded track that plays on the video. I always thought that was a bit confusing. There are two I Might Be Wrong videos (click here for the other), both with studio versions of the track. And yet, there is no release of the studio track besides the one on Amnesiac. What if someone sees the video on TV, or gets the internet one and wants to buy it? Yeah, it's on the album.. but normally you see a video on telly, and if you like it you buy the single. Anyway, ignore my silly little rants. Here is what the video is about:

It's about... nothing really. Directed by Sophie Muller, who has done some other cool ones in her time. Blur (tender, beetlebum, song 2) PJ Harvey's new one (this is love).. and.. uhm, many others I'm sure. Thom and Jonny are both in it (no one other than Thom has been in a Radiohead video since 1996's Street Spirit). They seem to be in some kind of abandoned car park at night. It's very VERY dark, and there's an effect on the camera making it have a really dodgy blur about it. Yes, apparently it's called a multiple pin hole camera lens. I've seen the same effect at college with cameras that have been dropped on the floor, though. The lighting is so dim that for a lot of the video, you can't even see anything. Then bits of Thom or Jonny will come into view. Enough for you to tell they're there.. But not enough for you to actually see them clearly or what they're doing. And that's about it. Thom sings, Jonny plays the guitar. Some parts are sped up, some have a kaleidoscope type effect and... Then it ends. Kinda cool, but not the most memorable video in the world.

Sorry the screenshots are so terrible.. This is actually what the video is like.
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