Director: Unknown
Location: Unknown
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Not really an official Radiohead video. I'm only adding this here because it is occasionally shown on music channels. In the UK at least. In any case, this is basically a live show. It isn't a video for The Bends' single, or The Bends' album. It's just a film from a live concert where the band played The Bends. I really think whoever chose this as a video made a mistake though. This was the very first time I'd ever heard Radiohead play live. And it convinced me that they couldn't. The guitars sound alright, but Thom sings really terribly in this video. Of course now I know Radiohead is an absolutely fantastic live band. But if this was the only evidence you'd seen, you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

K, I found this quote about it:
"The demo version, available on the Long Live Tibet compilation, has loud guitars at the opening, lo-fi production, a slower temp, and lifeless vocals with voices singing slightly different lyrics. This version is interesting simply because it is unusual, but it will just make you love the album version even more." This is a video from the Tibet Freedom Concert.
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