This site, if you include previous forms, has been going since September 2000. Maybe slightly earlier. It's grown a lot in a short time. Here's a bit of a timeline of its growth... or something.

The Fitter Happier - Radiohead site you're looking at now is actually version 4.0. I've made 3 other versions of Fitter Happier previously, but they were a bit shite, and so no one has ever heard of them. Not that this one is very popular either. But early days yet!

I've had the site running on tripod ever since I first made it. The address being And all 4 versions of the site were reached via this address. Now I have my own domain name (, but because I can't afford my own server yet, the site still runs off of Tripod. The four layouts and sites that got Fitter Happier to where it is today are detailed below. Click on the links to see pictures.

And incase you can't be arsed scrolling, here are some shortcut links:

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:: Fitter Happier Version 3.0 ::
:: Fitter Happier Version 4.0 (current version) ::

Fitter Happier V1.0 - The first layout was in September 2000, I think. It wasn't even called Fitter Happier. It was just a very tiny Radiohead lyrics site. I think that's where most people start, isn't it, aren't they? Hmmm. It looked okay (very simple, but okay) until you actually chose an album to view, and my experimental learning of html tables went a bit... ugly. You can see it in the links below. There was the entrance page, and it had a choice of 4 albums for you to click on. Each one lead to a single page containing lyrics for the entire album, link below. If and if you scrolled down you'd just get more lyrics from that album. And that's basically everything there was to this layout. I used to rate the songs according to lyrics and 'choon' rating, too. But I don't do that anymore cuz it seems a bit... sad.

Main Page :: Pablo Honey Page :: The Bends Page ]

Fitter Happier V2.0 - Version 2 began my "Hi, I think I'm Green Plastic Radiohead" stage. And I'll be honest and admit to it, this version was just basically, very very similar to the site mentioned above. Keeping the site still down to a lyrics page, I broadened the horizons by trying to add lyrics to b-sides and unreleased tracks. This was the layout in which the name 'Fitter Happier' was born. And it stuck. I used a very similar colour scheme to Green Plastic's lyrics page... Looking back, it's quite funny =D This version wasn't up very long, though. Thank Christ. I actually made this layout in Dreamweaver, because I wanted more complex tables, and as you can see from Version 1, I was crap at creating tables manually. I'm not sure exactly when this version was made, but it must have been something like December 2000. Pics below :)

[ Main Page :: An Example of the Lyrics Pages ]

Fitter Happier V3.0 - Version 3 continued my "Hi, I want to be Green Plastic Radiohead" stage. Only now I had improved my skills with tables and stuff, and I was able to make the site actually look of a comparatively close quality. I didn't mean to copy another site so much, I just couldn't help it because I had no inspiration of my own. It's pretty sad really, but there you go. It was at this stage that Fitter Happier became more than just a Radiohead lyrics site. I tried to make this site have everything. This layout was made entirely using pure HTML in Notepad. I started it in February, and all the text from my very first updates of this version still remain in the Updates Page right at the very bottom. There's only one pic of this layout, because I saved over the rest of it as I updated to the new version (doh!). The only remaining pic is of the Multimedia Section which has not yet been re-done since we had Version 3. Some of the images don't work cuz I deleted them. I'm gonna update that section soon.

[ The Multimedia Section ]

Fitter Happier V4.0 - Finally, we reach the version you all know and hate. This is the current layout of the site, and I hope that people think it looks good :) I've spent hours and hours re-doing all the work I had from the previous version as well as adding loads of content. I'm happy with how the site looks. I think I've moved away from the Green Plastic look of the site and more into my own unique style. The content isn't finished yet, and even when it is, I'll always be adding to it. I think this layout might stay around for a long time yet. There are no pictures to see. If you want to know how this layout looks, simply browse the site. Starting here: