Here is a collection of links I think are worth viewing. Not all these refer to Radiohead, and some are just nonsense that I felt like putting in here. If you wish to be added to my links section, please e-mail me!

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Radiohead Links - There are hundreds of Radiohead sites around, so I've just listed the ones I visit, and the ones I think are the best out there.

Some categories:

| Official Radiohead Sites |
| Unofficial Radiohead Sites in English |
| Unofficial Foreign Radiohead Sites |

Official Radiohead Sites

Official Radiohead Website
Very strange official Radiohead site. Suits the band well.
> Parlophone Records
The band's UK publisher/record company type thingie!
> Capitol Records
The band's US equivalent thingy!
> w.a.s.t.e
The band's merchandise/shop type sub-division thingy!
> Spin With A Grin
Radiohead frequently answer questions posed to them by the public.

Unofficial English Radiohead Sites

All About Radiohead
Mindblowing amount of content, including massive attention to detail.
> At Ease
Excellent Radiohead site full of content. Good multimedia.
> Bearhunt
Original looking Radiohead site with a French hint about it.
> Climbing Up The Walls
Mainly a Radiohead news site. This one has to be the best out there.
> Follow Me Around
As does this one. Content filled! It really does have everything.
> Green Plastic Radiohead
The best Radiohead website out there in my opinion. This place has everything.
> Kinetic
Lovely looking Radiohead site with some very original content. I like this one a lot.
> Liquidcat
Good looking content filled site about the lads.
> More Productive Radiohead
Very nicely designed and original site. Brand new and lovely.
> My Iron Duck
One of the funniest sites on the net. Not exactly pro-Radiohead. But still, hilarious.
> Planet Telex
Another funny, and very 'Radiohead like' site in that it's very weird. In a funny way.
> Radiohead - Amnesiac
Amazing amount of audio downloads, including live tracks.
> Rain Down Industries
Interestingly original, and content filled Radiohead fan-site.
Radiohead Internet shopping portal with all kinds of band merchandise and items.

Unofficial Foreign Radiohead Sites

French, popular Radiohead site. Frequently updated news.
> Ed O'Brien Fan Site in Japanese
Japanese new fan site all about the great Ed O'Brien and those other 4 blokes that follow him around.
> Italian Radiohead Web Page
It's Italian! How much cooler do you want it?
German, very interactive Radiohead site. Top stuff.
> ne pas a.v.a.l.e.r
Probably the coolest thing since sliced bread.
> Optimistic
Lovely looking Spanish Radiohead site.
> Optimistic Le Site
A Radiohead fan-site in French. I say no more as I can't read it :D
> Radiohead Latinoamérica
Nicely animated Radiohead site with some decent downloads.
Slovakian Radiohead fan site with some neat designs.

Friends' Links - Shocked? Yes, I have got mates. Only a few of them are into web-design though...

> RydiaNU
My girlfriend's site. She's better at this HTML lark than me. Be warned, very girly.
> The Omnibon Network
Flash(y) website from one of my best online mates. Content varies.
> Okaeri Nasai
The man I call Lucas's site. Still in early stages of development, but looking very nice ^^
> CelesNU
Very summery and.. yellowy :D A collective of my mate Diana's work.
> Jagged.NU
Vespa's personal site. Her layouts are becoming increasingly Radiohead orientated. Nice :D

Misc Links - Links to sites that are just... whatever I feel like listing :D Some of these should be a good laugh!

Liverpool Football Club
Best place to go if you're a reds fan! And we both know you are, deep down.
> HTML Goodies
Taught me most of what I know! This bloke has some time on his hands, I'll say that much.
Fastest, most bestest search engine there is! Type in your name, it might find something.
> KaZaA
The place to go for all your music needs!
> The Dialectizer
This place converts websites into dialects. Try it for a laugh!
> The Spark
Loads of hilarious quizzes such as the bastard test, and the ass quiz.
> The Synching Ship
A site all about syncs between movies and albums. Contains some Radiohead pages too. Very interesting.