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[downloading] at a better pace.  No more disconnections

Last Updated: 25th February '01
If you have any rare multimedia like special Radiohead fonts or wallpapers and desktop themes then send me an e-mail at: paul@rydia-shinra.net.
(Please don't send attached files)

This is the Multimedia section of Fitter Happier Radiohead. Here you can download all sorts of little Radiohead things for you to watch, listen to, or just have for the sake of it. There aren't going to be any videos for a while yet, but you'll just have to bear with me. We've got a good collection of rare Radiohead midis for you. And a load of live bootleg MP3's too. Just click on a link to get where you're going.

If anyone knows of a place where I could find midis from the Kid A album,
please e-mail me!


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