# 20th August 2001

Posted by Paul - 08:02pm

was saddened to read at Green Plastic that there was a death at the Radiohead concert at Liberty State Park last Thursday. 19 year old Jeffrey McGuire was apparently in amongst the crowd watching one of the supporting bands when he suddenly collapsed. You can read two articles about it at New Jersey Online. They're here, and here.

Our deepest condolence's go out to Jeffrey's family and friends...

 There's a cool article basically about how brilliant Radiohead and Capitol Records are, as they've taken the US by storm with little cost or problems. You can get it at the Guardian here.

 Radiohead website At EASE has been infected with a virus that messes with Visual basic type files. If you think your computer has been infected, then you can get rid of it by downloading some anti-virus gear here.

In other Radiohead website news, Green Plastic Radiohead is now up and running again after Jonathan took a little holiday.

 And finally, I'm flying off to the US tonight (incase you didn't know, I'm from the UK) to be with my girlfriend. I'll be away for like, 3 weeks and during that time it's unlikely I'll be able (or want) to update Fitter Happier. So until then, you'll just have to check for news at some other Radiohead websites! Bye now =)

~ Paul
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  # 18th August 2001
 The Bull Run saga continues...

Posted by Paul - 06:55pm

ossibly the last word on the Bull Run thing... Offical word from w.a.s.t.e is that the shows now will not be rescheduled and you should get a full refund from wherever you got the ticket. Here's a quote from the w.a.s.t.e site:

"Due to extreme weather conditions and concerns for fan safety, Radiohead were forced to cancel both shows at Bull Run Park (August 11th and 12th). All tickets purchased through w.a.s.t.e. will automatically be refunded at the full face value by midnight Wednesday. Please allow your credit card company several days to process this credit. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused.



If you have any further US queries."

If you got tickets from w.a.s.t.e, get in touch with them. If you bought tickets from Ticketmaster, then go and see them. People who found tickets on Ebay, it looks like you're knackered. Sorry :( My mate is framing his.

 Not to rub salt in Bull Run people's wounds... But Radiohead's two night stand at Liberty State Park seems to have gone well. On Thursday, True Love Waits was again played, and Thom even dedicated Like Spinning Plates to everyone who bought tickets to the Bull Run gigs.. He said:

"We're going to dedicate this one to all the people who got rained out for two nights in a row. You could've stayed on the field, but you all would have been dead. The next day, the rain was still up to here (holds his hand out shoulder level)."

You can get a setlist for that gig here.

 The band played 4 (yes, four) encores on Friday! You can get a setlist here.

 Lastly, if you're going to the LA show on August 20th, get there early. The time on the tickets is inaccurate. Doors open at 6pm and the first band is on at 7pm. Line up being Beta Band, Kid Koala and Radiohead.
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  # 16th August 2001
 Isn't it? Aren't they? Uhhhh...

Posted by Paul - 12:44am

ow, Ticketmaster is saying that the Bull Run gig will be rescheduled.

O_o... What does it all mean? In any case, keep hold of your tickets until Saturday when they say they'll have final details.

 Also, my connection is about to be cut. Possibly for a few days... So there won't be any updates while it is. I'll have it back as soon as I can, but until then you can check for news at the wonderful More Productive Radiohead. Nice one.
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  # 15th August 2001
 Who wants to be an idiot? Oh oh, me me!

Posted by Paul - 03:59pm

adiohead played their gig in Boston last night and you can get the setlist here.
[nice one More Productive Radiohead

 Apparently the Canadian Knives Out single has been delayed and will now be arriving on August 21st.

 Haha, this is from Follow Me Around. It made me laugh:

"On last night's 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?', there was a question that read "What 2000 top-selling rock band released the CD Kid A"? The contestant was stumped and polled the audience. The choices were a) Limp Bizkit b) Green Day c) Radiohead d) Creed and 54% of the audience said Limp Bizkit. The contestant lost the money.."

Hilarious... Can you imagine Limp Bizkit's cover of Kid A? Yes, I'm scared too.
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  # 14th August 2001
 Radiohead Top Of The Pops!

Posted by Paul - 03:03pm

emember a while back when Radiohead played Pyramid Song on Top Of The Pops? Well this friday it's showing them playing Knives Out. They recorded it at the same time as Pyramid Song... It's on at 7:30pm and repeated on Sunday at 2:40am.

 Jonny Yahoo chat. He's quite funny actually.

Posted by Paul - 04:09am

onny's Yahoo chat transcript is now available right here.

He's quite a funny bloke.. And y'know what's amazing? I didn't even notice at the time, but reading through the transcript one of my questions was answered!! This was it:

"fitter_happier_mate: Big Boots, Jonny mate... we all love it just how it is! Any chance of a release, ever? radiohead_jonny: You have the best bits probably on bootlesg and suchlike."

Not exactly the answer I wanted, but bloody hell I (sort of) talked to Jonny! :D Haha.. anyway...
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  # 13th August 2001
 More Bull Run stuff...

Posted by Paul - 11:20pm

ollow Me Around is reporting this about Bull Run tickets:

"There is nothing definite yet, but Ticketmaster is telling everyone to hold on to their tickets at least until the end of the week in case the shows are rescheduled. W.a.s.t.e., on the other hand, said that refunds will be processed by Wednesday at midnight for lottery winners. More soon, hopefully.."

Just thought you might like to know.

 And, there's a pretty cool interview with Thom at The New Yorker. Enjoy.

 I like pineapples.

Posted by Paul - 5:00pm

f you're one of the unlucky people that holds a Bull Run ticket, keep a hold of it. Apparently Ticketmaster reckons there may be a make up gig.

Also, there's an online petition about the same gigs to get Radiohead to go back to Bull Run and perform.. Read all about it, and sign here.

 Amazon now has the US Knives Out single available for pre-ordering. $7.99, and you get the bonus Pyramid Song video. Nice. Click here to pre-order.

[cheers Follow Me Around and More Productive Radiohead]
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  # 12th August 2001
 Rain down... come on rain down on me

Posted by Paul - 10:34pm

ours ago, the Bull Run concert was cancelled because of flooding in the park. According to Follow Me Around, tomorrow's gig at the same venue is still on. And refunds are available from the place of purchase.

Situation Update: Rumours are flying around the Mortigi Tempo message board that today's Bull Run show has also been cancelled. Apparently the area is completely swamped and there's no way it's gonna change by tonight. However, we don't have any official confirmation of this, yet. If we hear anything we'll let you know. Until then, everyone pray! I've a mate who is going to this and it's his first ever Radiohead concert... He's been looking forward to it for WEEKS. *breaks down* ;_;

Unfortunately the place was just too flooded for the show to continue... sorry folks :( Hopefully they'll rechedule for sometime soon.. Stupid rain >:|

 In other news, there's an interesting interview with Colin at Cyberpresse. It's in French, so here's the translated part stolen (borrowed) from Follow Me Around:

"Everything is possible indeed, but I don't know where we are [musically] going. We will start working on the sixth album after Christmas, and I know we didn't forget the idea to release a compilation of rarities. Some people will like it, some won't... It's true, we played more rock songs in our lasts concerts (Bones, Pearly*, Permanent Daylight...) but it doesn't mean anything."

When asked if there are songs remaining from the Kid A / Amnesiac sessions, he said "You will be pleased to learn that there are no more..."

 The Knives Out single has entered the UK singles charts in 13th place. It's the first single to not get into the top 10 since Just in 1995... Oh well.
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  # 11th August 2001
 Have a heart this August...

Posted by Paul - 2:55pm

e my friend and vote for Fitter Happier at the Online Music Awards! Just click on the banner below!

Nah, I don't really expect to get anywhere near winning. This is more of an experiment to see how unpopular this site is =o! But vote anyway please =D
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  # 10th August 2001
 An update, Bob but not as we know it...

Posted by Paul - 11:45pm

ou see, I have a problem. It's that I'm very lazy.

But that's now irrelevant boys and girls, because Fitter Happier is back! And we've got a lot of stuff to catch up on.

RADIOHEAD PLAYED LIKE SPINNING PLATES LIVE! and it is sex on a plate with chips!! As my mate Stef would say. You MUST DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT AWAY!!!! Sorry for being over-excited but BLOODY HELL. *ahem* Here is the link: ftp://blossom:spinning@

Setlists and the like:

> Atlanta - July 30th
> Chicago - August 1st
> Barrie - August 3rd
> Montreal - August 5th
> New York - August 7th
> Ohio - August 8th

And the lads are playing at two-nights show in Centreville, VA tomorrow (the 11th). If anyone is going there, and you wanna write a review, then send it in to paul@fitterhappier.org and we'll put it up!

Over the last few shows, rare songs such as Big Ideas and True Love Waits have been played a few times!

 Away from tour stuff... The Knives Out single was released on the 6th in the UK. See scans of the disc covers along with a tracklist and lyrics to the b-sides and everything else you could ever want here.

Release dates for non-UK singles are at the top of the page.

 Also, courtesy of James Sui and Joe Cheminais, we've got some ace looking Radiohead wallpapers for your desktop that you can download. These would be in the Media section, if I actually had a working one. So for now they'll just go here. Click on a thumbnail below to download the full sized version :)

Pablo Honey by James Sui The Bends by James Sui OK Computer by Joe Cheminais Kid A by James Sui
Sperm Monster by Joe Cheminais The Band by Joe Cheminais Bears by James Sui Sperm Monster2 by Joe Cheminais

*NOTE* They're for 800 x 600 resolutions. But they shouldn't look too bad if you just stretch them to fit.

And that's all folks... Only a short update today. One step at a time, my friend. One step at a time...
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