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 # December 20, 2001

There is a really cool long article about the band at Rolling Stone. It doesn't seem to be new, but I've never seen it before so I'll post about it. The link is here.

Speaking of Rolling Stone, on their main page is a random poll. Radiohead Vs Creed. You can vote once a day so go vote! So far Radiohead are battering Creed. Good job too, because Creed are just about the worst band I have ever heard in my life.

More Poll stuff:
+ Amnesiac came 7th in the Triple J listeners' top 10 albums of 2001. Get the full list.
+ And Knives Out made the London Times 'Best Track Of The Year' list. A quote: "If for no other reason than the shock and pleasure of seeing this performed on TOTP, the much-misunderstood Amnesiac's stand-out track."
+ Radiohead and U2 are nominated for the 'Major Tour Of The Year' prize which will be awarded in Hollywood on uhm.. February 9th.
+ Pyramid Song is 31st in "NME's singles of the year thing" ;)

TV + Radio stuff:
+ London radio station XFM will be replaying the Oxford 2001 gig on Christmas Eve at 12pm.
+ Radiohead are to feature on cable digital channel 'Music Choice's January concert series. It'll be on between December 31st and January 13th. Don't know when though. Beryl advises checking Music Choice a lot.
+ Radiohead will be on Dave Fanning's Music Zone on network 2 (Ireland) at 11:35pm tomorrow. I don't have a clue what that means, but I'm sure if it's relevant to you then you'll know about it.
+ A Christmas edition of British show Banzai will feature children's TV presenter Tony Hart trying his hand at DJing.He will be seen on the E4 show mixing records at a pensioners' disco.Viewers will have to guess which Radiohead track Hart is playing by watching the elderly people dance. The Christmas edition of Banzai will also invite viewers to guess which contestant has one arm, in a game called Amputee Auld Lang Syne.They can also bet on how many communion wafers a choirboy can eat in Gone In 60 Seconds.The show will go out on E4 on Christmas Day and will be repeated on Channel 4 during Christmas week.

Haha, I love Banzai. It's great.

>> Sources: Green Plastic | Follow Me Around | At Ease | Liquidcat | James.

And that's everything I think... Not sure if I'll be updating the site again until the new year. I might do though. If I don't then I just want to wish everyone a great Christmas and New Year. Thanks for visiting Fitter Happier, because it would be a quite geeky waste of my time if you didn't. And yes okay, great. Have a good one! I'll be seeing you :)

Posted by Paul @ 5:14 PM

 # December 18, 2001

Okay so a few people said I should add Christmas hats to the band. And then I decided on a bit of snow too. And due to my amazing skill in the art of "can't draw to save my life", I have managed to make it look amazingly crap. But it's Christmas and I think it looks hilarious, personally. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? :) Enjoy!

Posted by Paul @ 11:49 AM

 # December 17, 2001

Some more detailed info on Vanilla Sky. I've heard from a lot of people that it's an excellent film. And these are non-Radiohead biased people.. So it might be worth watching.. Anyway, here is an email I got from top bloke Mark (nice one, mate):

"i just saw vanilla sky and just wanted to mention that everything in its right place is the first bit of music that you hear in the song and the song is played almost in its entirety, i believe. then, as tom cruise's and jason lee's characters are riding in the car, tom cruise says, "let's put on some music. how about radiohead?" finally, in another scene, i might be wrong is played. so that made me happy. cameron crowe's obviously a huge fan."

>> Source: Mark (who probably didn't think his email would be published =O!!)

If you live in Ireland AND you own a radio (what are the odds? j/k =D) then tune in to 2fm from Monday to Thursday. Why, you ask? Well not because I think you should, but because they will be airing 7 Radiohead songs between the hours of 9 and 7pm. Absolutely shockingly fantastic. I never wanted to be Irish so badly.

Stanley Donwood (the bloke who does most of Radiohead's artwork and website) is apparently writing a detective novel. You can read a note he made on his website Slowly Downward.

>> Source: Follow Me Around

If you go to the Green Plastic news page then there is something interesting about the sister in law of the inventor of the Ondes Martenot (cool original instrument used in a few Radiohead songs) and Jonny Greenwood. I can't really explain it without totally ripping off Jonathan word for word, so you'd be best to just go there :)

>> Source: Green Plastic Radiohead.

And I've updated the poll. The results for the last (quite boring) poll (favourite instrumental track?) were predictable to be honest. Getting a total of 373 votes, the poll ended with Meeting In The Aisle battering the opposition. From there on it was quite close... it ended up like this:

1, Meeting In The Aisle. 168 votes. 45% clear winner.
2, Hunting Bears. 67 votes. 17%.
3, Treefingers. 64 votes. 17%.
4, The bit at the end of Kid A. 39 votes. 10%.
5, Fast Track. 35 votes. 9%.

Don't know what happened with Fast Track. I quite like it, personally... Anyway, the new poll is...
Best track of Kid A?. It's on your left, go vote now! =D! I voted for Morning Bell.

And that's about it for now. Probably won't update much now with it being Christmas. But we'll see :) I'm thinking of giving Thom and co in the picture above a Santa Clause hat.. if I can be arsed. What do you think?.

Posted by Paul @ 9:19 PM

 # December 14, 2001

Apparently there is to be a 'Record Of The Year' contest on BBC run radio station 'Radio 1. Both Knives Out and Pyramid Song have been nominated, but I think if we're honest neither will win. Come on, they were both only aired about 5 times collectively. Go here to vote.

>> Source: More Productive Radiohead.

Thom contributed to a double spread in Dutch magazine OOR. You can go to the At Ease News page where Adriaan has some big scans for you to have a look at.

>> Source: At Ease.

The Onion A.V. Club has a list of this year's 10 best albums. Amnesiac is mentioned a few times in the article and also gets the no 8 spot. Nice. Read the full article.

As well as that, the top 50 Albums (at XPN) is now available for voting. Amnesiac is one of the options so go vote! =O

>> Sources: Liquidcat | Follow Me Around.

Posted by Paul @ 2:56 PM

 # December 13, 2001

And today some INTERESTING news for a change! Oh it must be Christmas.

This incredibly interesting thing is borrowed from the NME:

Radiohead are reportedly planning a low-key tour in summer 2002 to road test new material. The group are currently taking a break following the conclusion of the world tour in support of this year's 'Amnesiac' album. In the time away, Radiohead have tentatively started working on new material, some of which featured in the later shows of the band's world tour.

Now, in an interview with The Face magazine, the band revealed that they were considering three weeks worth of shows next August to work through some of the material live, as part of a campaign to release their sixth album at the start of 2003.

When asked if the group were planning any massive summer shows like an appearance at next year's Glastonbury festival, guitarist Ed O'Brien said: "I'm not allowed to say (anything about) that! The idea is that we don't want to do anything big. The idea is to be pretty self-indulgent - that means we'll play new material. And I don't think playing Glastonbury, or any festival, is conducive to that." See the full article.

And that's all that is worth talking about today. Except for the minor fact that I have completely and utterly updated the Songs A-Z and it's fully uploaded =O!!! It took me ages, but good things come to those who wait.. Or something. =D Check it out here!

Posted by Paul @ 1:18 AM

 # December 11, 2001

Okay, we have quite a lot to get through today. I don't know, just when you think it's safe to leave the computer and do some Christmas stuff...

A Christmas message from Thom Yorke himself:

"violence breeds violence

we need a world court

not a republican with his hands covered in oil and military hardware
lecturing us on world security

we need love and understanding and tolerance and good laws that apply to
everyone, upheld by those who are in a position to judge

praying for world peace is not such an embarrassing thing to do anymore

especially not this christmas.

thank you everybody on w.a.s.t.e. for still listening and sticking with
understanding the records we make,

i hope your christmas is peaceful and loving and spiritual.
does that sound silly?
don't care.


Awww, isn't he lovely? =D Yes buried somewhere under all that political mumbo-jumboness (which I find very on the mark anyway), is Thom trying to say have a nice Chrsitmas. I will, mate. You too!

>> Source: An email from the great W.A.S.T.E

And here is a nice message from Mr Colin Greenwood about something entirely different:

"D - J Required".... will be making another amateur appearance at Lali Puna's gig in Manchester on Wednesday 12th of December, well early before anyone gets there to hear him make a ham fisted hash of it....

Yes, I've finally changed the page, three years later, so I think it'll have to become a regular occurence. Not every three years though. I'll be playing my favourite records of the year...I won't be playing Lali Puna, though, since they'll be doing that themselves.

Please come along if you're in the Manchester region, and come and see a real master dj in action...Andy Weatherall, who I hope will give me some advice.

The concert is at " Jilly's " 65 Oxford Road, Manchester, and doors are at eight o'clock.

Hope you can make it


Okay so basically it's the same DJ thing as was already reported on our Calendar, but with a nice personal invite to everyone. Found on apparently.

>> Sauce (yum): More Productive Radiohead

End of year poll type thingies:

+ Amnesiac was named in the top 10 albums on Rolling Stone's annual yearbook double issue thingy. Came 10th it did.
+ It also came 2nd in the Spin Magazine top albums of 2001. And currently sits at 7th in the top 10 albums list at
+ Maxim spinoff mag 'Blender' has it listed at 4th out of 50.
+ Q Magazine has listed the top 50 albums that have been released since it was first published, and Radiohead hit a triple whammy with Kid A at 13th, The Bends at 4th and OK Computer in 1st place. Did you ever doubt it? =O

Speaking of Q Magazine, if you get the latest issue, then you'll get a free disc that has You And Whose Army? on it. As well as lots of other... stuff. I think.

And speaking of award list things Jam! is compiling its one now, and you can vote for Radiohead in the 'best album', 'best live act' and 'most downloaded album' categories. Go here to vote!

And you can view the I Might Be Wrong thing done for the Olympics 2002, if you have real audio. Go here for small and here for not small, no... quite big actually.

>> Source: At Ease.

The Radiohead Songs A-Z is now about 90% complete. Expect the updated one to be uploaded tomorrow... Or Thursday at latest because I'm off work then.

Posted by Paul @ 3:00 PM

 # December 7, 2001

Virtually no news today... Just another intersting (ish) quote, and a bit more for good measure.

This is an email from those crazy guys down at Capitol Records:

"LOS ANGELES FANS: Tune in to the PBS/KCET pledge drive this Saturday, December 8 at 11:00pm to watch footage from Radiohead's performance on Jools Holland.

Plus Radiohead mix with Tom, Penelope and Cam Din Cameron Crowe's new film "Vanilla Sky." Get a double dose of Radiohead when the movie, featuring "I Might Be Wrong" and "Everything In Its Right Place," makes its way to theatres on December 14th. "I Might Be Wrong" will also be included on the soundtrack, in stores December 11th."

Wow great! Okay, and in the January 2002 (eh?) of Spin magazine, Radiohead picked up the award of best live act. Here's a long interesting quote kindly borrowed* from Green Plastic Radiohead:

Radiohead mean different things to different people. But to the American record- buying public, Radiohead still means ace Anglo guitar bombast and choked-up balladry, not synthesizer loops and drum machines. So while Radiohead the "band" spent most of early 2001 doing whatever the hell they wanted, Radiohead the "sound" struggled on without them. Americans a little tired of Kid A-ing around, discovered a shelf full of alternatives. Among the bands willing to be Radiohead because Radiohead didn't want to be Radiohead anymore were:

Travis (Radiohead but nice), Coldplay (Radiohead but sincere), Doves (Radiohead but vaguely funky), Muse (Radiohead but not that good), David Gray (Radiohead for your mom), and Clinic (Radiohead for Radiohead). At the dawn of summer, with the new Radiohead album Amnesiac selling well though puzzling fans further, the situation seemed irreversible. But soon, all that changed. An anxious nations concerns were washed away nightly during Radioheads triumphant late summer tour of arenas and rave-like venues. Icy swaths of synths gave way to Jonny Greenwood's roaring guitar and brother Colin's rollicking bass. Newer songs particularly the frantic "Idioteque" and the blistering bottom heavy "The National Anthem", rocked like classic Radiohead. At New York City's Madison Square Garden in August, as the pulsing final notes of "Everything In It's Right Place" receded all "halteration" (as Mary J. would say) was extinguished along with the last cigarette lighters. The name of the band's late- 2001 mini live album-I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings- seemed apt. So, rock 'n' roll duly saved, and principles intact, Radiohead the "band" jetted off to Bilbao to play with their Moogs."

That's interesting because I actually consider Muse to be the best band out of all the ones mentioned, though they also happen to sound the most Radiohead like of them all. Coincidence, or big fat giant conspiracy that will mark the coming of the Apocolypse!? YOU DECIDE!

Notice type thing: A-Z Of Radiohead Songs is about... 40% fully updated. I'll upload it when it's all done. This weekend hopefully. Or deffo** next week, because my job didn't offer me many shifts next week. *kicks things*.

* Taken without permission (Jonathan knows I love him really)
** Liverpool slang for 'definitely'

Posted by Paul @ 10:04 PM

 # December 5, 2001

There's an interview with Courtney Love at the NME, and here is a bit she mentioned about Radiohead. It's quite funny actually:

"Are The Strokes really saviours? You seem obsessed..."

"I'm going to pretend they are until it comes true. The Little Engine That Could. 'I think they can, I think they can'. If their follow-up sucks I am so dead. I have bet the farm on them and damn I hope they pull through. I spent three hours on the phone with a radio station program director, banging his head until he finally admitted that he fucking hated Limp Bizkit, but that it was Radiohead's fault, not his. Okay I'm going to say it and all of Britain will hate my guts, but Radiohead! Fuck 'em for not bailing us out of this bullshit. OK, Thom, yes, yes, we admit it. We wrote off 'Creep' as a pretty good song in the wake of Nirvana, yes we did it, we did it, we all did it. We didn't rate you for the genius you are. We are at fault! We didn't recognise your genius until it was too late but do you have to make us feel your pain? Can I show you the shit people say about me every day? Why? Why promise me salvation with 'The Bends'? Why promise me salvation with 'OK Computer' and then leave me? Leave me and my entire generation and, even worse, the generation underneath me with a fucking single-note Moog? 'Kid A' was number one in this country 'cos a bunch of little kids heard their older brothers and sisters saying 'Bizkit?'s wack, Radiohead rules" and so they ran out and bought 'Kid A' and now they will never trust us again. How could you take one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock'n'roll and not let him play? Fine, you satisfied yourself and you left us with Fred. Thanks. Thanks, buddy. I know those nice musty rooms in Oxford have really cool 16th-century books that American trash like me couldn't dream of understanding but could you write a fucking rock song that slays me? Yorke, you must come through for us, I'm begging you, I'm on my knees, please, please, please! Hey, I like Korn though. I liked At The Drive-In before we lost them. And System Of A Down and Rage Against The Machine. I like man music for man people. But the little girls, they need something too. Something they don't have now and they gotta like something."

Interesting. But Courtney, you know as well as I do that Jonny had his guitar taken away for not cleaning his room! He's due to get it back off his mother in time for LP6. Whew. Read the rest of the interview.

More NME news. Amnesiac was listed at number 25 in their annual top 50 albums. Get the full list.

>> Source: At Ease

A correction of some earlier news. I mentioned that the Later With Jools Holland gig was going to be aired on BBC America on December 8th at 11pm. I only guessed at BBC America, because our source (Green Plastic) forgot to mention a channel. But I suppose it is a poor webmaster that blames the sites he steals content from. Alas, it's going to be aired on KCET (Southern California). I hope you know what that is because I don't. Same time and date. Extreme apology for the mistake.

>> Source: Green Plastic Radiohead

Tom Cruise (I almost called him 'Thom', then O_o) was asked in an interview recently what bands he is listening to. Of course he said Radiohead. Along with bands like U2 and Metallica. Pfft, PFFT I say!

Speaking of Tom, his new movie Vanilla Sky's soundtrack has Everything In Its Right Place on it, and a review can be found at CD Now.

>> Source: More Productive Radiohead and Andrew.

Whew, okay I think that's it for now.

Posted by Paul @ 6:45 PM

 # December 2, 2001

Hello, it is time for some more news. And today we have mostly uninteresting page filling news.

Firstly, I'd like to express my sadness at the death of George Harrison former guitarist/bassist of the Beatles, who died this week of cancer. I'm sure he's gone to a better place. That might seem irrelevant to some, but the Beatles were the greatest band of all time, and being from Liverpool myself, I wanted to mention it.

Now back to today's regular programmes. Glastonbury (the really muddy but cool English music festival that Radiohead often play) organisers have withdrew their application for the 2002 event. Even though 2001 didn't happen, it now looks like 2002 is in doubt as well. Radiohead were rumoured to be headlining the thing as well. Read more at the NME.

U2 have apparently asked Radiohead (and Travis) producer Nigel GODrich to mix their new single 'Walk On', which by the way is crap.

And Virgin Mega apparently think Starsailor are the new Radiohead. Fuck off, mate. Starsailor are wank. Read more.

"Radiohead have reworked and amalgamated two tracks from their 'Amnesiac' album for a specially commissioned video, which has been produced by the company behind Aphex Twin's 'Windowlicker' and Bjork's 'All Is Full Of Love', can reveal.

The short film to accompany the combined version of 'Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors' and 'Like Spinning Plates' was unveiled last night (November 29) as the highlight of the inaugural Projectors Animation Festival held at the Centre For Contemporary Arts in Glasgow."
Read more.

>> Source: At Ease.

Yes it's a new month and that means all of November's news is now in the archives. Click here if you're confused.

Posted by Paul @ 4:44 PM

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