# 31st March 2001
  Where to start... where to start?

Okay, here's a bit of an Amnesiac round-up, since this is the first ever news section.
This is what we know!

- Confirmed -

Pyramid Song is to be released as the first single in the UK on May 21st.
Expect it to hit radio & TV stations on April 10th.
The band are keeping to their CD1 & CD2 format, which means twice as many b-sides as a regular single.
No US single will be released before Amnesiac.
Amnesiac will be released on June 4th to Europe, Australia and the rest of the World. The USA and Canada will be getting it on June 5th, one day later. Japan, however, shall be getting it earlier than everyone else as usual. They'll see it hit shelves on May 23rd.

- Rumours -

Knives Out and I Might Be Wrong are to be released as singles later on in the year.

More when I'm less tired... That's the ace thing about running a website no one ever views. You can get lazy and no one will notice :p

Old news
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