Hi, here are some poll results:

Poll 6 - Dec '01 and Jan '02 - Fave Kid A track?
An interesting one I thought. Total of 449 votes. Whether that is because it was a good poll, or because I left it up for too long.. I don't know. In any case, the clear winner was Idioteque, using nuclear warfare to plough the opposition into the ground. How To Disappear Completely''s defenses were quite good though, it came 2nd. Here's the total results:

1st, Idioteque: 112 votes. 24%
2nd, How To Disappear Completely: 88 votes. 19%
3rd, The National Anthem: 58 votes. 12%
4th, Everything In Its Right Place: 42 votes. 9%
5th, Morning Bell: 41 votes. 9%
6th, Motion Picture Soundtrack: 34 votes. 7%
7th, Optimistic: 27 votes. 6%
8th, Kid A and In Limbo: 18 votes. 4%
10th, Treefingers: 6 votes. 1%
11th, The bit at the end: 5 votes. 1%

Poll 5 - November 2001 - Fave Instrumental track?
Not quite as exciting as the previous poll, and this one was left up for a longer time too. A total of 373 votes were made and Meeting In The Aisle basically killed everyone with a very large stick that has a metal nail on the end. The rest were left to scrap between themselves. Here's how it ended up:

1st, Meeting In The Aisle. 168 votes. 45%
2nd, Hunting Bears. 67 votes. 17%.
3rd, Treefingers. 64 votes. 17%.
4th, The bit at the end of Kid A. 39 votes. 10%.
5th, Fast Track. 35 votes. 9%.

Poll 4 - October 2001 - Fave unreleased track?
Okay, finally a poll that isn't messed up. This one got a record 618 votes. The winner was True Love Waits by a fair portion... But there was some competition between the lower ranks. Here's how it finished up:

1st, True Love Waits: 187. 30%
2nd, Big Ideas: 135 votes. 21%
3rd, Follow Me Around: 102 votes. 16%
4th, Big Boots: 80 votes. 12%
5th, Lift: 78 votes. 12%
6th, Reckoner: 21 votes. 3%
7th, I Promise: 10 votes. 1%
8th, Wicked Child: 5. 0%

Poll 3 -September 2001 - Fave Kid A/Amnesiac b-side?
This poll was another messed up one. I need to really sort it out. I coded it wrong, and so only 4 of the options were being voted for... And everyone who voted for the other 3, ended up voting for Kinetic instead. This makes the results pretty much irrelevant, doesn't it? But anyway:

Cuttooth: Came 3rd with like, 50 votes.
Fast Track: Did really poorly. About 7 votes.
Fog: 2nd.Would have been first if the poll didn't mess up. 80+ votes.
Kinetic: Broken. Gained votes it shouldn't have. About 100+. 1st.
Orgy: Broken, didn't get many. About 5.
Transatlantic Drawl: Broken. About 2.
Worrywort: Broken. About 3.

Poll 2 -August 2001 - Going To See Radiohead This Year?
I actually gave this poll up because by the time I'd asked it, most of the gigs had already taken place and it was a bit pointless. Sorry.
The possible answers were:
Trying to get tickets
Already seen them

And I have no idea which one won or whatnot... Sorry =D

Poll 1 - July 2001 - The Best Radiohead Album?
The question was, what was the best Radiohead album? And the results came in something like this...
I'm happy because the winner was my favourite album, OK Computer. Getting 55 of the 124 votes, the leader came out with a massive 44% of the votes.
The contest for 2nd and 3rd was much closer, however. With only 2% between them, it was Kid A that became the runner up with 32 votes (25%). Closely followed by The Bends which managed to gain 29 votes (23%).
4th place fell to Amnesiac but I was both shocked and hurt (no, really) to find out only 7 of you (5%) thought it was the greatest album. I prefer it to Kid A..
Last, and unfortuately least, was Pablo Honey receiving only 1 vote (0%). Ah bless...

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