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 # September 30, 2001

Radiohead played their first gig of this mini-Japan tour last night, at the Castle Hall in Osaka. You can get a setlist, here.

They play the same venue again tonight. If you happen to be going to the show, send a setlist or review to

Also, it looks to have been confirmed that this unknown 'live album' will be released on the 12th of November in Europe. We'll let you know about release dates in other parts of the world as soon as we get them.

Posted by Paul @ 4:19 PM

 # September 28, 2001

Radiohead begin their five gigs in Japan tomorrow night with a two day stay at the Castle Hall in Osaka. Clinic will be supporting them. If you're going to one of the shows, please send us your setlists and reviews!

Also, there's quite a bit of confusion about this new live 'album's' release date. Green Plastic say it's due out in the UK on the 5th of November... Pitchfork are saying November 13th.. And Follow Me Around is quoting November the 12th.

Will somebody please sort it out >=O I think it's safe to just assume early to mid November.

Posted by Paul @ 3:12 PM

 # September 25, 2001

In the new Q Magazine, a host of music stars were asked "What do you think of Radiohead?" The answers are all quoted on the At EASE news page here. They're very interesting. I love the Stereophonics, but it seems Kelly (their singer) doesn't like Radiohead =P

Also, anyone who is on the mailing list (all 4 of you...) Yahoo is being problematic. I've emailed them about it and stuff, so they should sort it soon. My apologies.

Posted by Paul @ 5:52 PM

Some interesting new reports about the 'I Might Be Wrong' EP.. Rumours have been flying about and we've already confirmed the tracklist (see Sept 20th news). It's going to be a totally live CD, 8 tracks. And here's the shocking part... It's not going to be an EP at all... It's an album.

An as yet untitled album, too. This could possibly be a pretty nasty scheme to get us to fork out more money. I mean 8 tracks and calling it an album.. Pfft... But still, there ya go. I know I'll buy it like the silly mindless follower that I supposedly am.

Pitchfork think it's coming out on November the 13th.. Read their story here. However, Green Plastic Radiohead tells us that it will be released in the UK on November 5th, and France the 6th. Whether the Pitchfork report is referring to America or Canada or what, remains to be seen.

We'll keep you posted :)

Posted by Paul @ 1:33 PM

 # September 20, 2001

Well, we've heard the rumours about an 'I Might Be Wrong EP' on its way in October... At EASE have some confirmation details about it. It's due out on the 5th of November in the UK (Guy Fawke's night) and the tracklist is as follows:

01. The National Anthem
02. I Might Be Wrong
03. Morning Bell
04. Like Spinning Plates
05. Idioteque
06. Everything In Its Right Place
07. Dollars & Cents
08. True Love Waits

Bear in mind most (if not all) of these will be live recordings. A release for True Love Waits though... exciting =O!

Posted by Paul @ 2:45 PM

 # September 18, 2001

Auctions for the Japanese Radiohead gigs coming up in at the end of this month are now taking place. Go here to bid for tickets. All the proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

And there's another article about the band at the NME. Read it here.

Posted by Paul @ 10:39 AM

 # September 17, 2001

We've just received word, via email that Green Plastic Radiohead could be shutting down. Jonathan (the webmaster) has said that the company which usually pays for his hosting has gone under, and he can't afford the bill himself. So Fitter Happier is making a plea, if you have any way you can help.. You own a hosting company, or you want to make a donation or anything... Then go on and email

Green Plastic is without doubt the most popular Radiohead site around... It'd be a shame to see it go...

Posted by Paul @ 12:16 PM

 # September 16, 2001

Well, the Belfast show went on as planned: and besides a setlist for that (which you can find here), there's not a lot of news. They played both Like Spinning Plates and True Love Waits which is always a treat. Thom also dedicated Street Spirit [Fade Out] to "All Americans waiting to get home"

Nothing else happening in the world of the 'head right now. We'll keep you posted if something does.

Posted by Paul @ 7:52 AM

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