Morning! And yes, you must be interested in how best to view Fitter Happier! I cannot blame you, sir. For even the best looking sites can look absolute bollocks if viewed with the wrong settings. Just try starting Windows up in Safe Mode, and you'll see how bad things can be for some people.

In case you can't be arsed reading all this stuff, here's basically the optimum settings for the site...

Colour Setting: 24 bit True Colour
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Browser: Internet Explorer 5 or higher.

In any case, my computer has settings of 1024 x 768 resolution with 24 bit True Colour. This would be (obviously) the settings that I have designed this site around. And if you want to see the place the way that I see it, use these settings! But just because I'm bored... I'm gonna give a brief run down of all the common settings...

256 Colour Mode Fitter Happier
256 Colours:

Bloody hell! The background is friggin' turquoise! Please don't use this setting! It's... well, it's pants basically. Just look at it!

The images aren't nearly as clear as they should be, and the text and background colours are just completely different.

True Colour Mode Fitter Happier
16 bit [High Colour]/24 bit [True Colour]:

These are the colours you should use really. There is hardly any difference between the two... except the pictures are a little clearer on True Colour mode. Nothing really noticeable though.. I use True Colour, so you'll be seeing the site how I see it if you do.

Obviously anything higher than True Colour is fine, and will only make the place look even clearer.

640 x 480 Fitter Happier
640 x 480 Resolution:

The main page just fits on the screen. JUST! And there's not a whole lot on there. If you go on a lot of other pages, you're going to get a horizontal scrollbar. And you really don't want that. Trust me. I would strongly advise you not to use this resolution because on some of my smaller pages, I've taken away the scrollbars. These will look fine and dandy in any other resolution. But in this, you're going to have missing scrollbars when you need them. Gutted mate.

800 x 600 Fitter Happier
800 x 600 Resolution:

This is a very common resolution, so I've tried my best to design the site so that it won't cabbage up in it. I have this res in college, so when I'm there, I check how all my pages look. They fit nicely on the screen. You don't get any unnecessary horizontal scrollbars or anything.

1024 x 768 Fitter Happier
1024 x 768 Resolution:

This is the resolution I use, so I think (hope) this is how the site looks best. All the pages fit nicely into the center of the screen without any horizontal scrollbars. And you get a nice kind of border effect because the tables aren't pushing up against the sides at all.

Anything higher than this is going to be fine to view the site in, though some of the pages might end up looking a bit too thin, with a kind of huge empty space either side of the table. It'll be fine to naviaget, though.


I hate this browser. Sorry but I do. If you have Windows and use this browser, then you're not going to get the best out of an awful lot of sites out there. Including this one. For the sake of Mac users, who have no choice, I've made sure the site doesn't look too different in this browser. One thing I won't fix though, is the table borders. It would take me too long and I'd probably commit suicide. So instead, Netscape users are going to see little embossed type borders around a lot of my pages. They should still be fine to navigate. And the layout will remain the same. Just some tables won't look how I intended.

If you do want to download the Netscape browser, then you can get it from

Internet Explorer:

If you can, use this browser. I made the site with this in mind, and it's what I use and like best. The tables all look how they should, rather than cabbaged as in Netscape. If you have IE 4 or lower, though... you won't see my cool custom coloured scrollbars! So download IE 5+ for the best Fitter Happier experience. It doesn't make all that much difference if you don't, though..

You can get Internet Explorer 5 from