Full Name: Edward John O'Brien
Date Of Birth: April 15th 1968
Instrument(s): Guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Education: Abingdon Boys School, Manchester University (studied economics)
Previous Jobs: Barman, Photographer's assistant
Key Words: Tall, dark, handsome, riffs, spliffs
Past influences - Beatles, Dinosaur Jr, Joy Division, Happy Mondays, Smiths, NWA
Current faves - Mansun, ROC, The Verve, Moloko
Favourite Movies/TV/Books: "Delicatessen", Timebends", "Paris, Texas"
Likes: Playing live
Dislikes: Sycophants
Influences: Glenn Campbell
Other: Ed's dad is well-known as a keen follower of the band's fortunes and pop in general. "His dad will come in waving the music papers and want to discuss the new Primal Scream single," said Colin. Ed has now moved into his own place.

Instruments: Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Ed, if you got techinical about it, is the backing guitar and backing vocalist of the band. This might make his position insignificant to the outcome of a song. Not so. Ed is the reason that Radiohead's songs are so good, and so layered. A very talented guitarist, because of him, Jonny is freed up to play the more radical parts to songs, without having to concentrate on keeping the backing rhythm going. The result is that a series of guitars make contrastings sounds. This adds immense wear and depth to the track, as well as giving a unique and amazing sound. Good examples of the two guitars of Jonny and Ed working together are featured in songs such as
Sulk, Street Spirit [Fade Out], Yes I Am, Maquiladora and Just. Sometimes, when Jonny is doing something other than guitar, Ed will take the lead guitar, and Thom will fill in on rhythm guitar. In the new albums, as electronica is becoming more dominant, any guitar you do hear is likely to be Ed. The end of Big Ideas [Don't Get Any] is a particular favourite Ed solo of mine. Ed makes Radiohead the great band that they are. Without him, they couldn't create the depth to their music that they do.

Ed smokes, is in a long term relationship with his girlfriend, is very tall and well known as the 'looker' of the band.

See Ed's Page at Radiohead.com.

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