Full Name: Thomas Edward Yorke
Date Of Birth: October 7th 1968
Instrument(s): Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (also adept with Bass and the Drums)
Education: Abingdon Boys School, Exeter University (studied English and Art)
Previous Jobs: Played guitar in Exeter techno band Flickernoise. Worked as an ordely in a mental hospital
Key Words: Creative, guarded, sarky, moody, hyperactive
Past influences - Elvis Costello, Scott Walker, Japan, R.E.M, Throwing Muses, Joy Division
Current faves - P.J Harvey, Faust, Can, Prince Buster, DJ Shadow, Laika, The Verve, Penderecki
Favourite Movies/TV/Books: "Arthur", "Married with Children", anything with Joe Pesci or Dudley Moore, "The Medusa Frequency", "A Night On Earth", Waiting For Godot"
Likes: Love, hope, passion, articulation
Dislikes: You tell me
Influences: Lack of sleep
Other: During his first year at Exeter University he sported a long coat and a trilby hat; Steptoe & The Bunnymen chic. Still likes clothes. Changes his hairstyle more often and more radically than the others. Writes the bulk of the songs which the band arranges and mutates. Drives a Fiat Punto.

Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano

Thom is the main strength behind Radiohead. He is the one who writes most of the songs (which the band then listen to, and edit to their liking). He's the singer, and a very good one too. He's also an excellent guitarist. Sometimes there is competition between Ed and Thom because they are both over-qualified for the position of guitarist in the band. But since Thom's the singer, he often takes a back seat and simply plays acoustic, or only adds to certain parts of the song. He sometimes doesn't play an instrument at all. Thom is also an excellent keyboard and piano player, as is evident in
Everything In Its Right Place, and Pyramid Song. He's a bit of a multi musiscian really, as he can also play bass (he did the bassline in The National Anthem) and has been known to be a decent drummer at times.

Thom is in a steady relationship with his girlfriend Rachel, who he met at university. They recently had a baby. He enjoys shopping in his free time. Hates it when Jonny rewires his guitars, has been dying his hair since he was 13 (though it's naturally brown at the moment), gets mad when people mosh at their concerts, likes Macintosh and was born wth one paralyzed eye which he can now move completely independent from the other.

See Thom's Page at Radiohead.com.

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