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   February 16th '01

Can't really do many sections because my Internet connection was cabbaged the other day. It still is. I'm writing this offline and can't upload it. I'm getting it back in a few days though, so no worries :) Anyway, I couldn't do any proper sections due to lack of 'net connection. So I spent my time tweaking this page a fair bit. Added a few pictures, and stuff. Not touched it up a lot, just made it a little more to my liking.

Touched it up.. that sounds wrong. Ah well. So does 'bit of fiddling' now that I think about it...

   February 13th '01

Well, got my arse into gear and can now officially say that the Songs section is complete! Well, haven't got any B-Sides or anything fancy like that yet, but all the albums are done.

   February 12th '01

Yeah, it might seem like this site has gone the way of all my other sites ever (in the bin) but no! I actually have been working on it a lot over the last few days. But I've mostly been fiddling with layouts and ideas, and so no sections were completed. Hence, no update saying "Ta da! Blah section is complete! Go look!"

I found a brilliant little quote somewhere on that amazingly fun place known as I forget the exact words, but something like "In my life, I have started many things, and finished none". Sounds just like me!

This has nothing to do with Radiohead or anything like that, but I thought I'd share with you all the fact that I'm not feeling very well in the slightest.

Oh yeah, almost forgot... I sort of have the Songs section done. Well, bits of it. Go here. Failing that, have a nice day.

   February 5th '01

Finished this, the main page. Well, it isn't finished but the layout is something I'm quite happy with for now. Today I created the images, and the background, as well as messed with the tables a lot. Sorted something out which was bugging me no end! Anyway, at least now I can start to concentrate on some of the other sections. Though I don't know which one is coming next yet.

I also created the Guestbook entirely. Sign it :D I'm pretty happy with it for now... Think I'll do the audio section next.

   February 4th '01

Day 2 of tweaking this bloody page. Can't get it to look how I want it to. The tables can be a bastard to manipulate sometimes. Anyway, enough moaning. I think I'm slowly getting the look I wanted, though I've yet to make any images for this page. Hopefully it'll turn out okay.

   February 3rd '01

I designed and completed the Entrance Page. Took me all day, but I'm a huge amateur in Photoshop so images tend to take me a good while. The Entrance Page is a page that takes you here, where you are now. It is to be a kind of gate to the site. Anyway, it's finished... One page completed, at least the ball is rolling.

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