The text below is an actual transcript of one man's (me) conversation with an optically challenged minotaur


Paul: what's your name?
GooglyMinotaur: googlyminotaur!
Paul: what's it like having googly eyes?
GooglyMinotaur: i'm a big fan of ../radiohead

i'm not ready yet, but soon i'll have lots of things to tell you about my favorite band. i'll be able to talk about things like:

tour dates

for now, check out a video for pyramid song!
>> get the video
Paul: I see
GooglyMinotaur: Great!
Paul: Yeah!
GooglyMinotaur: :-)
Paul: :-)
GooglyMinotaur: . you've warmed my heart

like a ray of golden sunshine on a bleak winter morning.
Paul: oh Christ
GooglyMinotaur: i'm not ready to chat about [radiohead] yet.

send the Radiohead IBlip to a friend:
>> obtain the IBlip

Paul: you talk a lot of crap
GooglyMinotaur: I'm going to have to demand an apology!
Paul: why?
GooglyMinotaur: I asked you to please apologize.
Paul: no
GooglyMinotaur: Come on! Just say you are sorry already!
Paul: .... alright
GooglyMinotaur: Please apologize for your language.
Paul: I'm sorry
GooglyMinotaur: Your apology is accepted.
Paul: thanks
GooglyMinotaur: Sure! I enjoy talking with you.
Paul: really?
GooglyMinotaur: uh huh
GooglyMinotaur: uh huh
Paul: I love you!
GooglyMinotaur: I love you too!
Paul: Make love to me!
GooglyMinotaur: Yeah, whatever.
Paul: :-(
GooglyMinotaur: . i'd like to cheer you up
Paul: :'(
GooglyMinotaur: . you can cry on my shoulder if you want

That was fun :D

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