February 1993
Length: 2:11
Disc: Pablo Honey
Tablature: Guitar

An in-yer-face song from the debut album, "How Do You?" was part of the band's live set during 1993. The number seems to be directed at an enemy, though the band hasn't offered a specific explanation.

Listen closely to the guitar solo and you'll hear a sample from the Jerky Boys' "Pablo Honey," which would have been taken from bootleg tapes. This inspired the title of the album, as the man is addressed at one point as 'Pablo, honey?'.

Many fans consider this the weakest track on the album. It's fast paced aggressive sound is uncharacteristic for Radiohead and nothing similar has came out of the group since.

He's bitter and twisted, he knows what he wants
He wants to be loved and he wants to belong
He wants you to listen, he wants us to weep
And he was a stupid baby who turned into a powerful freak

But how do you?
How do you?
How do you?

He lives with his mother, but we show him respect
He's a dangerous bigot, but we always forget
And he's just like his daddy, 'cause he cheats on his friends
And he steals and he bullies, any way that he can

But how do you?
How do you?
How do you?
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