February 1993
Length: 3:09
Disc: Pablo Honey
Tablature: Guitar

Other Versions:
Live @ Town & Country Club - Pop Is Dead single
Live @ ? - Pablo Honey Japan

This lyrically intelligent look at the music world is about "signing [to a label], having lots of money and absolutely no idea what the fuck to do with your life" - so said Thom at the band's 1993 Gothenburg, Sweden, show.

Thom's skill with metaphors is evident as he explores the control a record company wields over it's artists. The song was a live favorite throughout the early part of the band's career but was dropped from their set list around mid-1995. A live version of the song, a b-side to the "Pop Is Dead" single, was recorded at a Town and Country Club gig in February 1993, when the band supported Belly. It contains these lyrics, added after the second chorus: "They can kiss my ass!"

The guitar ending to this track, in my opinion, is fantastic. The way its there, but not so loud, or aggressive... and then suddenly, it all becomes more dominant. Lovely.

Soul destroyed with clever toys for little boys
It's inevitable, inevitable, it's a soul destroyed
You're free until you drop
You're free until you've had enough
And you don't understand
No ripcord, no ripcord
No ripcord, no ripcord

Aeroplane do I mean what I mean
Oh it's inevitable, inevitable, oh aeroplane
A thousand miles an hour
On politics and power
That she don't understand
No ripcord, no ripcord
No ripcord, no ripcord

The answer to your prayers
We'll drop you anywhere

No ripcord, no ripcord
No ripcord, no no no no ripcord
Oh yeah
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