August 2001
Length: 4:02
Disc: Knives Out single CD2
Tablature: Piano

Originally a piano track titled 'Alligators In New York Sewers', it was only about two minutes long yet very, very beautiful. It had only been played once in 2000, in Israel and no one had heard anything of it since. Thom introduced it as "a new song you've never heard before called Alligators In New York Sewers.. And it's kind of a silly song.. It doesn't last very long."

August 2001 comes around, and a track titled Fog is announced as a b-side for the Knives Out single CD2. After listening to it, it is Alligators In New York Sewers. Perhaps the name change is fitting, as the track is very different from its old self. The lyrics are slower, there's no piano. And lots of bass, and tambourine. You'd think guitar doesn't fit anywhere in a track like this, but towards the end there's an amazing build up of it.

It's hard to say if 'Fog' improves over 'Alligators In New York Sewers', but both are amazing and both deserve listening to.

There's a little child running 'round this house
And he never leaves
He will never leave
And the fog comes up from the sewers
And glows in the dark

Baby alligators in the sewers
Grow up fast, grow up fast
Anything you want it can be done
How, how did you go bad?
Did you go bad?
Did you go bad?
Some things will never wash away
Did you go bad?
Did you go bad?
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