February 1998
Length: 3:07
Disc: No Surprises single CD1
Tablature: Piano | Guitar

Thom wrote and sang this song at home using his four track, but when he took it to the band as raw material they decided that it should stay as it was. Ed and Phil said that it "blew them away". The version on the B-side to No Surprises is, therefore, the original four-track recording.

While Thom was creating the song, his girlfriend, Rachel, was in the kitchen washing the dishes, and the noises she made can be heard in the background. As for the song's meaning, it has never been disclosed by the band, and the lyrics are almost unintelligible. Since Radiohead has achieved success by putting out records that make people question what Thom is saying and what he really means, the title couldn't be more suitable.

I was stronger
I was better
Picked you out

Now don't say a word
No don't yell out

Let you out
Led you back
Safe, warm
Sit down

Let it fall
Let it fall

Let it fall
Let it fall
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