February 1995
Length: 3:24
Disc: High And Dry single CD1 & US | Just For College EP
Tablature: Guitar | Bass

Other Versions:
Live @ The Astoria - Live At The Astoria EP

An amazing rock song that stands up to the band's edgier material from their early years, this gem is for all the Pablo Honey lovers who may have had a hard time getting their head around The Bends when it was first released. With brash guitar lines, a wonderful solo, and classic lyrics - this is yet another entry on the list of great songs relegated to B-side status.

The guitar solo towards the end features an excellent combination of Jonny and Ed's skills. Both play different riffs at the same time, creating an amazing sound that finishes off this masterpiece.

Here it comes, here it comes
I can feel the hills exploding
Exploding gracefully
Burning up the freeway
Here it comes

Grass is green at the edge of the bubble
Beautiful kids into beautiful trouble
They all seem to fall out of the sky and come down on you
Oh baby, burn

Fast Toyota, burns rubber
Useless rockers from England
Good times had by all
Just swallow your guilt and your conscience

Blue and white birds stepping hard on the pedal
Interstate Five runs straight down the middle
And it seems to fall out of the sky and come down on you
Oh baby, burn
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