August 1997
Length: 3:06
Disc: Karma Police single CD1 | Running From Demons EP
Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP | Lucky single France
Tablature: Guitar

For this track, Radiohead explored a new avenue - it's an instrumental piece. While the band has yet to play it live, Meeting In the Aisle was used as as entrance song (taking place of the much loved Fitter Happier) for the band's 1998 shows. The track was programmed by Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker.

Despite the fact that there are no vocals, many fans have came up with theories of what this song means. My personal favourite is that it's about that feeling you get, when you're put in a place with people you don't know, and are expected to be social. You don't know what to say, or do and it can be frightening to some people. The noise and the sounds this track contains remind me of these situations. I've heard people also liken it to being on a train, as the track could be compared to the noise a train makes.

This track is the 'Paul's bank account' equivalent of lyrics.
It's an instrumental.
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