May 1997
Length: 4:22
Disc: Paranoid Android single CD1 | Airbag/How Am I Driving? | College Karma EP
Tablature: Guitar

This opens as a short acoustic number (part 1) before blowing up into an incredible rock song. Recorded at Radiohead's Bath studios along with the rest of OK Computer, this song very nearly made it on to the album. The lyrics perpetuate Thom's health fixation, but the actual meaning of the song isn't clear. There is much debate about the actual words in Part One, and when questioned, Thom just laughed and said he couldn't actually remember.

Some of the words of Thom starting the band off with a '1, 2, 3' type thing can be heard on the track at the start of part 2. Many fans believe that this track should have made Radiohead's third LP, but in my opinion it should stay as it is. As one of the best b-sides any band would ever record.


Tears of joy now scare ourselves of all that you wanna be
Y'just got paid and now you're going how inside you please
If I get scared I'll just call you
And I'll miss your glow as I unsettle
Oh, and I will always feel, I will always be

Right, one, two, three, four

So sell your suit and tie and come and live with me
Leukemia, schizophrenia, polyethylene
There is no significant risk to your health
She used to be beautiful once as well

Plastic bag, middle class, polyethylene
Decaffeinate unleaded, keeps all surfaces clean
If you don't believe me, sell your soul
If you don't get into it, no one will
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