September 1994
Length: 1:43
Disc: My Iron Lung EP | My Iron Lung single CD2 & Netherlands/Canadian
Tablature: Guitar

A personal song finished in just one take, this track was one of the few released in 1994-95 that John Leckie did not help to produce. Instead, it was done with Jim Warren at the band's makeshift fruitfarm studio.

The band's shortest track. Even Fitter Happier is longer. It only features an acoustic guitar with mellow vocals. Yet this track has a very beautiful quality about it. One of my favourite b-sides.

I must get out once in a while
Everything is starting to die
The dust settles, the worms dig
And spiders crawl all over the bed

I must get out once in a while
I eat all day and now I'm fat
Yesterday's meal is hugging the plate
You never wash up after yourself
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