November 3rd 1998
Length: 4:26
Disc: Velvet Goldmine soundtrack

Thom and Jonny joined Bernard Butler, Clune, Paul Kimble, and Roxy Music's Andy Mckay to form a super band called The Venus in Furs to record some tracks for the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.

Ladytron is a Roxy Music cover.

You've got me girl on the run around run around
You've got me all around town
You've got me girl on the run around
And it's getting me down, getting me down

Lady if you want to find a lover
Then you look no further
For I'm gonna be your only
Searching at the start of the season
And my only reason
Is that I'll get to you
I'll find some way of connection
Hiding my intention
Then I'll move up close to you
I'll use you and I'll confuse you
And then I'll lose you
But still you won't suspect me
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