This track has yet to be released
Length: ?
Disc: None

Also known as 'Cogs', this song was part of the OK Computer recording sessions, but, as Ed said, "It was one that we actually tracked and it sounded shite." The song, as described by the band, had elements of David Bowie in it, and was a favorite of Colin's, who explained that while he knows all band members must be in agreement before a track is used on an album, he was still upset to see this one left off.

The title apparently comes from a sign on the way to Radciffe Hospital in Oxford.

Pretty much no one outside of the band has ever heard this song... Rumour is it's an instrumental written by Jonny, but who knows? Fake versions are all over the place.. A mate of mine downloaded a Western Theme once, thinking it was this.

No one's ever heard it, therefore, there are no lyrics available.
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