This track has yet to be released
Length: ?
Disc: N/A

Apparently, a song from around the Kid A/Amnesiac sessions, the master tape for this apparently disappeared suddenly. The band were asked about it on their message board, and decided to go play with it some more... But the tape vanished.

Here are some quotes from Ed's Diary about it:
"go on message board and someone asks us about 'innocents civilian'. so once we get off the web we decide to put up the master tape of it. can't find it anywhere which is incredibly strange. it's got to turn up."
[ed's diary 07-02-2000]

"still can't find the master tapes to 'innocents civilian' and beginning to worry. worst case scenarios even being aired ie the u2 case when some of their rehearsal tapes went missing and ended up being sold as bootlegs."
[ed's diary 08-02-2000]

No lyrics, since no one outside of the band has ever heard it.
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