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 # January 30, 2002

Okay, I decided to update the poll. Yes I did.

Last month we had "Fave 'Kid A track?", and Idioteque pretty much killed everyone. If you ever meet a person called Idioteque, run away. Because they will be a killer. Absolutely lethal. Here are how the full results went:

1st, Idioteque: 112 votes. 24%
2nd, How To Disappear Completely: 88 votes. 19%
3rd, The National Anthem: 58 votes. 12%
4th, Everything In Its Right Place: 42 votes. 9%
5th, Morning Bell: 41 votes. 9%
6th, Motion Picture Soundtrack: 34 votes. 7%
7th, Optimistic: 27 votes. 6%
8th, Kid A and In Limbo: 18 votes. 4%
10th, Treefingers: 6 votes. 1%
11th, The bit at the end: 5 votes. 1%

Not too surprising when you think about it. I thought Morning Bell and The National Anthem should have done better though... Oh well =O

The new poll is "Fave OK Computer track?". It's on your left, so go and vote now!!!

Posted by Paul @ 12:28 AM

 # January 29, 2002

You can now watch the new Revolving Plates Spin Like Doors video at the Capitol Records Site. Now, in my opinion, that place is a nightmare to navigate... I forgive it because it has excellent content, but I'll explain how to get to the video...

Click here. Then 2 windows should open, one of them will contain the word 'enter'. Click it, and it should turn into a red page with black at the top. There are also lots of links near the top in black and white. Click the one that says 'Video'. From here there are lots of little boxes at the bottom of videos for you to view... The box on the bottom right is the one we're talking about here. Okay, enjoy =O!

It's not a bad video, but it has no real meaning... Just random pictures of machinery and babies and stuff that move to the music (sort of). What I was more interested in was how this Pulk/Spinning Plates mix would sound. But I was disappointed. Basically it's just a short version of Pulk, then about 30 seconds of plain bass (to a sort of heartbeat rhythm). Then the entire Like Spinning Plates track plays. And that's about it. =/ Oh well... Nice one, Marc!

Amnesiac Party Cups! In other news...

Well, not news exactly but I got an email about them and I thought they were quite funny. Have you seen them? They're Amnesiac party cups! =D Haaha... how great. I want some, just for a laugh. Available in sizes of half pint and full pint, check them out at w.a.s.t.e! Haha, fantastic stuff, thanks to Andrew!

And finally Danish radio station P3 will air the 1995 Radiohead Glastonbury performance on March 12th from midnight until 1am. For more dates of stuff like this, check the Calendar.

Great, not too big an update today. Don't cry :(

Posted by Paul @ 8:05 PM

 # January 28, 2002

Yes, two updates in two days and then none for 4 days. That sounds more like me :)

More information about this Pull Spinning Doors that Revolve Like Plates video. Go here and here to see earlier articles on the subject. Anyway, it seems Radiohead DID give permission to Jonny Hardstaff (the director) and so the Spanish radio station M-80 was just talking out of its arse.

Apparently the video will be released to several music channels, (it's already been on Musique Plus in Quebec a few times) though it's unlikely they'll air it often seeing as the band have not released this mix in any form as of yet, and there's no single or anything to support it. If I find out a set time I know it'll be on, I'll put it here.

A bloke called Joseph Tate has compiled a load of Radiohead related articles over time, and now they're to be released as a book titled 'Strobe Lights and Blown Speakers: The Music and Art of Radiohead'. Sounds decent to me, apparently there will be some art work from Stanley Donwood in there as well, though he has no definite publisher yet. You can read some more information about it at Joseph's site Nice one, mate.

>> Source: Green Plastic Radiohead.

Cameron Crowe has mentioned Radiohead again in an interview about Vanilla Sky with XFM. You can read it here, though he doesn't say a lot.

The episode of Saturday Night Live that featured Radiohead is to be repeated on US channel Comedy Central at 5pm ET on February 1st. The band played both Idioteque and The National Anthem on the show. See the Calendar for more Radiohead TV listings and times.

>> Source: Follow Me Around.

Q Magazine has created yet another list of albums. This time it's top 12 Winter albums, I don't know... anything to fill up a page, eh? Anyway, OK Computer made the list so you can check it out here if you really want to.

>> Source: More Productive Radiohead.

And that's it for today! I was going to update the poll but I can't be arsed, I'll do it next time. There's also a new section on its way but I'll talk about that more when it's finished.

Posted by Paul @ 6:57 AM

 # January 23, 2002

Bloody hell... two updates in two days. Are you mad!?! Quite possibly.

There's an interview with
Jonny Greenwood from around the time Amnesiac was first released, over at Follow Me Around. It's quite interesting, he talks about jazz.. and about the two recent albums. Here's a snippet:

"when we released ok computer we decided to release paranoid android first, a seven minute long single which advanced the path we had decided to go down for that album. we wanted to prepare people. I think that now we've unconsciously done the same thing. we released 'Kid A' first and then 'Amnesiac' afterwards. I think it's easier to understand the new record now while at the same time people go back to 'Kid A' and find things seem to have more sense once you grasped what the two of them are about."

I agree with that... At first I preferred Amnesiac, but now.. after listening to them both for a while I think Kid A has a lot more depth than I first thought. Read the entire interview.

>> Source: Follow Me Around.

Speaking of interviews there's one with Colin Greenwood at Liquidcat. It's from when he was at the Q Awards a while back, and it's quite funny. Here's a bit:

"Do you think you've made enough experimental music for the time being?
So you DO want us to make another O K Computer. Ha!! actually, we might make the next album even more experimental: just record us playing trombones or something. soon people will start talking about the good old days of Kid A."

Haha... funny man is our Colin. You can read the rest of the interview here.

>> Source: Liquidcat.

Finally, you can download some live mp3s of the Tokyo Budokan gig last year at the website Drooling Looney Tunes. They've got True Love Waits, Like Spinning Plates and Pearly* up for download. You can get them by going here. Fantastic stuff.

>> Source: More Productive Radiohead.

There was something else I wanted to mention... but I can't remember what it is now.. Must be getting old :) Oh yeah! Yesterday I learned to play Just on my guitar!! =D

Posted by Paul @ 6:20 PM

 # January 22, 2002

Good morning... afternoon? It feels like I have something in my eye but I don't. Anyone else ever get that? It's doing my bloody head in >=O But as much as I'd like to pretend you're here because you worry about my health, let's get on with the real reason.

Okay, so here we go. There is more info about the new
Like Revolving Doors That Spin video here. It's mostly about the director, but meh. A sort of okay read I suppose.

What is interesting though is that apparently Spanish radio station 'M-8' is reporting that Radiohead didn't give this director bloke any permission to use their song. Hardcore legal action may ensue. Hmm...

Radiohead @ the ballet. No, I'm not making this up. There is to be a ballet performed at North Eugene High School Auditorium, and it's to be completely choreographed to Radiohead music. It's also going to follow a Radiohead theme... Thom in tights.. the thought could send even the toughest men off the edge. If you're in the area, then the address is North Eguene High School Auditorium. 200 Silver Lane in Eugene, Oregon. Date and time: April 20th, 7:30pm. To get in you have to bring a food donation. I have no idea what this means.

There is a tiny mention of Radiohead in an article in 'Jane Magazine'. It's not that interesting, so I'm not going to paste it here... Go to the Green Plastic News Page if you can be arsed. An attempt at humour, but an American one... and so we must take away points.

>> Source: Green Plastic Radiohead

Autechre on Radiohead: When asked
"How do you feel about Radiohead's Thom Yorke naming you as a major influence on their recent work and also calling LP5 one of the greatest albums ever made?"

The bloke answered:
"well he's wrong we've done loads better than that. but then it's only an opinion."
You heard it here first. Yes you did.

>> Source: Andrew the great.

I saved the best until last. An animated gif of the Just Video. Can you get any cooler? It's fantastic. The text is a bit fast but if you've seen the video before you should find it hilarious =D


>> Source: James the fantastic.

Posted by Paul @ 4:01 PM

 # January 17, 2002

Hi. Sorry for the recent shocking lack of updates, it's just that I'm a lazy bastard and don't intend to change.

On with the show, the lads have been nominated in two categories for this year's Brit Awards. The ceremony is a bit of a farce really, with Liam Gallacher (Oasis) usually making a wanker of himself (not difficult) in front of lots of silly rich celebrity types. But more to the point, Radiohead are nominated for Best British Album (with 2000's Kid A, strangely enough) and Best British Group. The competition for both awards isn't up to much, (though the Stereophonics are great) but that doesn't mean Radiohead are going to win anything.. The awards will take place at Earl's Court in London on February 20th. You can watch it on ITV on the 21st.

>> Source: A newspaper I read the other day. Think it was The Mirror.

!! NEW RADIOHEAD VIDEO !! A fitter happier exclusive =D!
Okay, right. You may have read about a video being produced for a mixed song of
Like Spinning Plates and Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors. Well whether you have or haven't, we have lots of details and pictures about it for you to froth at the mouth over =D Directed by Jonny Hardstaff, the video is about 8 minutes long. There are no details as to where or when you can see this video, but there's a nice article here and lots of lovely pictures here.

>> Source: The fantastic Andrew.

== Silly end of year Polls and stuff ==

+ Spin Magazine have named their top 20 albums of 2001, and Amnesiac came 2nd. They said stuff about it too, which you can read simply by clicking the pointy shape at the blue words: Hi Dave, how are the fish?
+ The R.E.M fansite (famous for the base of an as yet groundless rumour of an upcoming Radiohead b-sides album) has compiled a list of Best Albums of 2001 (not including R.E.M). Well you know, Amnesiac hit #1. Yes it did. There are some nice reviews with lots of big words on the site. I'd give you a direct link but it's one of those daft sites that hides all its pages under the one url. Yes.
+ Alternative Press named Amnesiac #1 on their best 25 albums of 2001 list.
+ KROQ (a radio station.. somewhere...) had a top 100 songs of 2001 type list... thingy. Optimistic came 40th.
+ Qeubec radio station 98.5 Cool FM made a top 100 most requested songs list. High And Dry came 93rd, and Creep (what? never heard of it) climbed to a mighty 18th.
+ Chicago radio station WXRT 93.1 (what is with the crap names for radio stations?) had an end of year massive poll type thing and for best album of 2001, Amnesiac came 2nd. Funnily enough, Kid A came 2nd on last year's one.
+ Mexican radio station Radioactive 98.1 reckons Knives Out is 25th best song of the year.

>> Sources: More Productive Radiohead | At Ease | Follow Me Around.

Finally, Kid Rock has added Radiohead to the list of things he can't understand, which currently includes reading, writing, thinking.. stuff like that. Haha, just a joke mate, sit down.

Posted by Paul @ 3:55 PM

 # January 10, 2002

Okay more news today. Is anyone else really feeling the cold this year?

Right, firstly there are some never before seen iBlips now available at Green Plastic Radiohead! Apparently the group was asked to do them for the release of Amnesiac but for some reason the blips were never used. Good old Jonathan has got hold of them for you, though and you can see them too by clicking here! Fantastic stuff.

>> Source: Green Plastic Radiohead.

The monday just gone, apparently there was a short interview with Thom on Canadian station City TV. Thom mentioned how people have been saying his son Noah looks like him, and added "Poor little sod". Haha. There is also a scary calendar pinup illustration of Thom on the At Ease News Page.

>> Source: At Ease.

== A few downloads ==

+ You can get a Radiohead internet toolbar at this website. Haven't seen what it looks like yet... He didn't list Fitter Happier on his site though so he obviously has some issues and I think he needs some councelling. Yes.

+ Also, Paul (great name, is that) from a.m.r has made a Radiohad Downloads Page and on it you can get all sorts of goodies such as videos of the South Park and Space Ghost episodes featuring the band! Beautiful!

>> Source: More Productive Radiohead.

And lastly but not least(ly), I've finally updated the Calendar a bit. Yes it's still fairly empty but I'll make more of an effort to keep it up to speed in future. Sorry =/

Posted by Paul @ 2:38 PM

 # January 9, 2002

Fantastic, we have tour news today!

Rumours are flying about all over the place that Radiohead are to play 3 gigs in Portugal this coming June or July. Nothing has yet been confirmed by Radiohead, but many other sources are talking about it. Portugese website mentioned the following (translated from Portugese):

"Radiohead will return to Portugal this year. Musicnet has learned that one of the biggest Portuguese showbiz production companies, Tournée, is preparing to bring Thom Yorke's group for 3 concerts, two in the Atlantic Pavillion in Lisbon and the other in Oporto. The gigs will occur around June/July."

Apparently some Portugese radio stations and other media forms have also been talking about this, so it seems like it's going to happen... Just waiting for the band to confirm it. What will probably happen is the band will set up a small European tour next summer and these are the first dates to be leaked out. We'll definitely keep you up to speed if we hear anything!

The Radiohead episode of South Park is to be aired again on US channel Comedy Central at 10pm CT... 9pm ET. I'll update the Calendar soon... I know it needs it.

Source: Green Plastic Radiohead.

Posted by Paul @ 5:41 PM

 # January 8, 2002

Okay sorry about the horrid lack of Radiohead news, people... But I can't post what doesn't exist. Right so to the point...

Don't jump out of your skin, but here is a bit of news that doesn't pertain to Radiohead. My girlfriend is like totally in love with that actor.. John Cusack. And she worked her arse off on making a site dedicated to him. And since she's a lot better at webdesign than me, and since she earned it, and since she's great, I'm going to link you all to it right now on the news page.

Serendipity - A John Cusack Fansite

There must be a few girls out there who fancy him... Or guys... Okay. And that's it for today... More John Cusack news as soon as we get it!!!

Posted by Paul @ 9:40 PM

 # January 5, 2002

Right, couldn't be arsed updating the other day but now here we go!

The Grammy Awards (or the Granny awards if like me, you're immature and easily amused) are about to take place soon.. Again. And the band have a few nominations. They look a bit like this:

+ Radiohead nominated for best alternative album (Amnesiac)
+ Stanley Donwood & Tchocky (Thom) nominated for best recording package (Amnesiac limited edition)
+ Nigel Godrich nominated for best producer (Amnesiac & The Invisible Band)

Fantastic. I wonder which bored band member will turn up to the ceremony this time! Maybe they'll send Bob the lights technician!! The Grammy Awards will take place on February 27th @ the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It's going to be on telly worldwide, but if you're in the UK you'll probably end up with the same crap as last time with 'highlights' on at like 4am. More information.

There's a sweet long article about the band from Face Magazine up at Liquidcat. Go here and read!

The Vancouver 2001 gig is now up for download as mp3s at the site Radiohead Malaysia.

A Paul Oakenfold remix of Idioteque is now available for download in mp3 format! Get it at The Kid A: Amnesiac Studio. It's in there somewhere...

I love these little quizzes that tell you totally useless information... I dunno why, but here is one to find out which Radiohead member you are! I have to say most of the questions left me wanting another option, and at the end I didn't even get an answer cuz it didn't work... but it might for you, and it's a bit of fun so Click!

If you're silly enough to have bought Windows XP, then you can get an Amnesiac logon screen from Green Plastic Radiohead. It looks like it could be a bit fiddly so you might want more information.

There is a sale going on at W.A.S.T.E apparently. So run down to it! The sale items are here, and they make some high quality gear. Not like your usual 'fave band stuff' that is made out of paper and can't be washed ever.

---------------Polls & TV Stuff---------------------

Yet more Poll stuff.. Numbers... lots of numbers. That don't really matter.

+ Pyramid Song came first on Nightshift's Simply The Best Songs '01 list. Here is a nice quote:
1. RADIOHEAD: ‘PYRAMID SONG’ - Even by their incredible standards, this was an astonishing song. The first single from ‘Amnesiac’, ‘Pyramid Song’ answered all of Radiohead’s critics in majestic style, taking a desolate trek across frozen tundra, into pop’s heart of darkness. A song dense enough to suck the light out of the room, it snakes in a casually malevolent way across what sounds like the film score to an old Roman epic, dissected and assimilated by the Borg and topped off by Thom Yorke’s detached, repressed howl. One of the bleakest songs ever written. Quite magnificent."
The full list.

+ Radiohead were named 15th in the 50 Best Bands Ever poll in February's Spin magazine. Don't ask me how the February issue can be out in the first week of January. I don't have all the answers. Another nice quote:
"On 1995's The Bends, Radiohead were a compelling young Brit-pop band, but with follow-up Ok Computer, they spooked rock fans into a new level of obsession. The album's brooding minor chords and white-noise buzz grew more claustrophobic with each track, even as Thom Yorke's personal-yet-impersonal lyrics made songs about car crashes and crushed insects somehow moving. Newer bands began to cop Radiohead's paranoid but confessional, slurry but catchy approach. In response, they sighed deeply and recorded Kid A, somehow transforming glitchy prog rock into classic pop.

INFLUENCED: Travis, Sigur Ros, Coldplay, Clinic, JJ72, Doves, Elbow, Wes Borland. CLASSIC ALBUM: OK Computer."

Chris Martin (Coldplay): "When I saw Radiohead, I thought 'Wow, maybe you really can do what you want and get away with it. They did exactly what they wanted and people responded...not everyone wants to listen to nonsense rock."

+ The LA Times had loads of polls going on and Radiohead's name was tossed about a bit. Link A | Link 2 | Link C.

+ HMV have Amnesiac at 4th best album of the year.
+ MTV|2 UK reckon it should be 3rd.

+ The top 100 songs of the year (chosen by listeners) was broadcast on Studio Brussel Belgian radio station on Christmas day. This happened:
Karma Police - 43rd | Paranoid Android - 27th | Street Spirit [Fade Out] - 21st | Creep - 3rd.
So yeah, did anyone else not realise these songs were only released last year?

I think that's enough for polls now... Thank God.

TV + Radio type stuff. Exciting!!
+ TV Channel CN8 will be showing a live Radiohead concert clip of Like Spinning Plates on January 13th at 9pm. TV Listing.

Sources: More Productive Radiohead | Liquidcat | Green Plastic Radiohead | Follow Me Around | At Ease

Okay I think we're done now. Fucking knackered I am. Must be getting old...

Posted by Paul @ 5:11 PM

 # January 1, 2002

Yes, the doors open and it's back to business as usual in Fitter Happier land. I hope you all had a happy Christmas, and a decent New Years and all that jazz. I became 'super light-weight' man this year, after falling asleep on the couch after only 5 stellas. And now for something completely different:

Capitol Records have put up more Radiohead goodies in time for Christmas. They've got some rare live videos on a sort of 'video player' thingy... This link should work: Apples cause stress.

That website called Pitchfork Media has named Amnesiac 6th best album of 2001. The rest of the list is mostly from bands that I've never heard of. Is that because I am ignorant, or because they're all crap. YOU DECIDE....!

Also, the band were ranked #1 Most Legendary Thing Of Tomorrow... or something. Over at VH1.

Pyramid Song was 40th in John Peel (of Radio 1)'s Festive Fifty. Get the rest here.

But that's enough about polls. The website has launched a new design and Radiohead are the first 'Band Of The Week'. This means you get lots of goodies if you go here. Yes it does.
Shockingly, Fitter Happier isn't mentioned in their 'web-link' section. How this evil injustice has mangaged to take place is beyond me, but don't worry. We will bring those 'evil folks' to justice by... probably bombing them a lot.

If you're Dutch, then firstly let me offer my condolances, and secondly allow me to inform you that your TV channel Ned 3 will broadcast the Pinkpop 2001 gig tomorrow at 11:35pm on the show: Lola Da Musica In Concert. Jammy...
>> Source: Green Plastic Radiohead | Follow Me Around.

Also worth mentioning is that if you get MTV Europe (the UK doesn't.. another criminal injustice by evil folks), then there is a big massive great load of Radiohead specials on tonight at 10pm. Yes, that's tonight. In a few hours.
>> Source: At Ease.

Superman's hometown of Smallville is apparently really big on Radiohead. Great. Read more at the NME.
>> Source: More Productive Radiohead.

I think that about covers it for today. Remember, it's a new month so last month's news is now in the Archives.

Posted by Paul @ 4:18 PM

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