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 # November 28, 2001

Right, wow, okay haven't had any news for a while. So here is some. Though not much:

Firstly, the I Might Be Wrong EP was finally released in Australia on the 26th. So everyone clap! Yes.

Okay, get a cool Radiohead sticker free from Capitol Records! Click here to get one.

The NME Carling Awards Ceremony is soon to take place (early 2002) and now is the time to start voting in categories such as 'fave band/album/solo artist/villian of the year' etc. What fun. It's not like the Q Awards where you had nominees, you can just type in whatever you want into the field. So if you can be arsed, go here and vote for Radiohead now! =O Apparently, there's a 'best website' category. A vote for this one would be nice. But I'm not going to pull an Adriaan and feature the link at the bottom of every single article or anything.

>> Source: More Productive Radiohead

That good old Neil Finn concert titled 7 World's Collide (that I talked about... hmm... months ago now) is now out in Ozzy land (Australia), Kiwi land (New Zealand), and uhm... Britain (?) today. You can buy it from by clicking here (DVD) and here (CD). Oh yeah, it has Ed and Phil on it. I knew there was a reason I mentioned it.

>> Source: Follow Me Around.

And lastly, but not James sent us a cool email about getting the new live EP for as cheap as £3.99 if you buy with some sort of mobile phone introductory offer. Unfortunately, the rest of the message makes no sense to me and the only clue I have to a link is the words 'CD-Wow'. Message ends. Cheers, James.

And that's your lot. And yes, I know I promised the A-Z of Songs would be updated last weekend, but a combination of my new job and lazy-itis* prevents this.

*A terminal uncurable disease. Please send whatever you can to People with lazy-itis don't want handouts, they just want the chance to stand up for themselves. Please help.

Posted by Paul @ 8:44 PM

 # November 25, 2001

Just read a report that Radiohead got the live venues for the I Might Be Wrong EP all wrong. On the case, it says the shows were recorded from Oxford, Berlin, Oslo and Vaison La Romaine.

The sharp amongst you will have already worked out that Like Spinning Plates was actually from the Ohio gig. But now we have a full list of apparent corrections:

01. The National Anthem - Vaison La Romaine May 2001
02. I Might Be Wrong - Oxford July 2001
03. Morning Bell - Oxford July 2001
04. Like Spinning Plates - Ohio - August 2001
05. Idioteque - Oxford July 2001
06. Everything In Its Right Place - Vaison La Romaine May 2001
07. Dollars & Cents - Oxford - July 2001
08. True Love Waits - Los Angeles - August 2001

Hmmm... *scratches head in a thougtful sort of way*.

>> Source: Air-Radiohead

Posted by Paul @ 3:46 PM

Right, I was watching the VH1 100 greatest albums thing, and you know what? OK Computer comes in at 11th. The Bends came 6th, as we've previously mentioned. But do you know what this means? Radiohead were the only artist in the list to have more than one album so high up.

>> Source: Paul's Telly.

This basically means that if the Radiohead community wasn't so divided on its opinion of the band's best album, then a Radiohead album would EASILY have hit the #1 spot. Gutted. I personally voted for OK Computer... You can find the full 100 somewhere on the VH1 website. Which by the way is very crap and almost impossible to navigate.

Also, there's supposed to be the airing of the Jools Holland Gig on American TV for the first time on December 8th. Our source doesn't really mention a channel, but I'm going to assume it's 'BBC America' at 11pm. Haha, the American BBC has adverts (commercials) you know. Gutted.

Also, Colin is to become a mad superstar DJ. Well, he is to DJ a set for Offpeak Night at Jilly's in Manchester. Lali Puna will also be playing, and it's on December 12th starting at 8pm. For tickets and other gubbins go here.

>> Source: Green Plastic Radiohead.

Oh yeah, and I gave the Songs & Lyrics section a bit of a revamp. Not a new design, but a lot of lyrics have been corrected, a lot of information has been added to each track as well as quotes and stuff. If you can find a better lyrics and songs section on any other Radiohead site, then I'll jump into a river with some black eyed angels.

Posted by Paul @ 12:34 AM

 # November 21, 2001

Here is a cool rumour I got in an email: "According to the Official Radiohead Newsthread at (an R.E.M. site), Radiohead are planning on releasing a 12-14 track B-sides album early Spring 2002. I was told that this rumour was confirmed by an offical source at Parlophone Records. Radiohead might involve fans, by asking them which tracks should be included, soon."

Okay, that's just a rumour, and it could turn out to be absolute crap. On the other hand, it could be true and wow great if it is =O! Cheers Marc!

The I Might Be Wrong EP has entered the US charts at 40th, with around 500,000 copies sold. It has entered the UK album charts at 23rd, too. Though I can't give you any fancy 'copies sold' numbers there. Nice one, Andrew.

The Bends was voted 6th in the VH1 poll for the world's 100 greatest albums. We're not yet sure where OK Computer came in, but the fact that it isn't top disregards this list's accuracy completely. ;) Cheers, James.

I mentioned previously (here) of a petition to get Radiohead to play some tour dates in Latin America. Today I got this email, which also relates to it:

"Hello. We´re a group of Latin American fanatics of Radiohead who are making a campaign to bring them to Latino America next year, 2002. If you are fanatical and are interested, please be part of this campaign, is simple:

1, enter to the club of yahoo " Radiohead In Spanish " (thus, without spaces and in small letters) here you'll find more about campaign and what consists, who we are, who organizes it, and how we are planning it.

2, Send an e-mail with your real name, place of origin, and electronic addresses, mail to:, to keep in informed on the advances of this campaign.

3, Send a letter (by postal service) to the next direction:

W.A.S.T.E Correspondence
P.O. Box 322, Oxford ox4 1ey
UK (United Kingdom)

in which you ask for the band that come to Latino America and special to your country of origin."

Okay, so there you go. Do the good deed! And spare a thought for how gutted you would feel (or do feel) if Radiohead never came anywhere near your continent. Incase you want to sign that petition I mentioned above, go here. Thanks to whoever it was that sent me that email... They didn't give a name.

Finally, did Jonathan lose his mind?. Link. If this changes later, I'll look like the silly muppet that I really am. But right now it is simply two differently coloured X's... O_o

Posted by Paul @ 11:26 PM

 # November 20, 2001

Quite shockingly, CD Now has slashed the price of the I Might Be Wrong EP by 40%! This means that you'll get it for only $8.98! To order it, or just have a bit of a look, click here! Just compare that to's price on the left. As I said, shocking.

The iBlip 2.0 has been updated to include a webcast of the Berlin 2001 gig. I'm not sure if it's visual or just audio. But you can either get to the iBlip here or get a direct link to the webcast here. It's also worth mentioning that if you want the Berlin gig in mp3 format, then Meeting People Is Easy has most of the files available for download there.

And this isn't actually new, but I'll repeat it as it relates to what is above. You can still view the entire webcast of the Vaison La Romaine 2001 gig at this site. Cheers Björn, for those.

Apparently, tonight on VH1 (the American one I'm assuming), they're to air a live version of Creep from like... 1993. This was the first US live TV show by Radiohead, and that means Thom is in his 'goldilocks' stage. Caution: Wear sunglasses when watching. That's on at 7:30pm EST, and it repeats at 11:30pm EST. Cheers to Green Plastic for that one.

Bloody hell, is that the time?

Posted by Paul @ 10:50 PM

 # November 19, 2001

A Green Plastic Radiohead Site saved my live. Sound like a good title for a news entry? Good.

A fantastic little interview with the Googly Minotaur is available to read over at Tiny Mix Tapes Gone To Heaven. It's quite hilarious, and who doesn't want to read an interview about our favourite person in the entire world?

The extremely cool video 7 Television Commercials (which features videos of almost all of the Radiohead singles from The Bends and OK Computer) is now available to buy in North America! You can get it from CD Now, now! Haha, did you see what I did there? ... Yes, moving swiftly along.

Right, and every other Radiohead website seems to be reeling off quotes from other people about Radiohead. So, Fitter Happier (always striving to be unique, don't you know) has one from a stoned hippie found on the side of the road:

"Hi, okay... Radiohead like... like... wow, man. It just like... y'know.. It's a radio... but it's a head too... heavy."

Remember, you heard it here first.

Posted by Paul @ 11:51 PM

 # November 17, 2001

It's oh so quiet. A Bjork lyric, or an accurate description of Radiohead land as of late? You decide! Anyway, here is some stuff:

You can get two very long mp3 files of an interview Colin and Ed did with Ground Zero over at the website Radiohead Malaysia. You'll have to scroll down the page a bit though. They're on the right of the box with the blue header. The interview is all about Amnesiac apparently. Deduct 10 points for having a Starsailor track on the site ;)

Also, the lovely site OK Computer France has a concert of the month section going. So if you go here you will find none other than the entire tracklist of Boston 2001 available for download. Nice.

Thanks to More Productive Radiohead for both of those.

The episode of Saturday Night Live where Radiohead played both Idioteque and The National Anthem, is to be repeated on November 29th at 11:30 on Comedy Central. Cheers Green Plastic.

Not a lot else to say, really... I'm in a Kid A mood... *throws it in the CD player*

Posted by Paul @ 8:20 PM

 # November 14, 2001

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings. Out now!

01. The National Anthem
02. I Might Be Wrong
03. Morning Bell
04. Like Spinning Plates
05. Idioteque
06. Everything In Its Right Place
07. Dollars & Cents
08. True Love Waits

Yes, the live EP was released in the UK, Europe, US and Canada this week. And what a stormer! Mine came on the 13th in the mail, and having not listened to it before, I'm pretty impressed. I like the way they've blended the crowd in between tracks so that it seems like it's all just one long concert. The recordings are top quality, as are the performances. Though I wasn't too impressed with Everything In Its Right Place. Maybe that's just me, though... I've always preferred the studio version of that.

In any case, we have some more cool stuff regarding the release. You can get more reviews from Time | Billboard | London Observer from Follow Me Around, and more reviews are available at

+ Rock Feedback
+ Tapefuzz

Also, the EP is to be released in Australia on November 26th!

Back to regular news: The Berlin gig this year will be webcast for 24 hours on November 27th @ this website.

There is an interview with Colin in this month's Q Magazine about the band winning best act in the world. You can read it here (Cheers Dale). Oh, and while you're at the ace site that is Liquidcat, you may as well check out the cleaned up mp3 of Wicked Child that he's put up. As well as some others =O!

And finally, sorry that I haven't been updating as much. There hasn't been too much news anyway, but I started my new job on Monday and so I've been totally knackered and had less time to work on the site. I'll try and keep the updates coming though, so no worries :)

Posted by Paul @ 10:01 PM

 # November 11, 2001

The I Might Be Wrong EP is due out in Argentina on November 13th. You can get it at Tower Records stores and suchlike... And that is courtesy of Radiohead - Latinoamerica (Cheers Gabi).

Posted by Paul @ 10:44 PM

Okay, there is a new Radiohead Player available for download. It contains all the tracks from the new I Might Be Wrong EP (which is out tomorrow by the way). You can download it here. It's a .exe file though, so you might want to give it a bit of a virus scan first (just to be sure, you know). (Cheers Adriaan)

Strangely entertaining fansite Drooling Loony Tunes has some scans and a review of the Japanese release of the new EP. Go check them out here! (Cheers Dale)

Speaking of which, you can now buy said EP from Play 24/7 for only £7.99. That's a fair few quid cheaper than Go here (Cheers James)

And I've made a new poll now. The previous poll 'Fave Unreleased Track?' was won (deservedly so) by True Love Waits. Here's how the results went:

1st, True Love Waits: 187. 30%
2nd, Big Ideas: 135 votes. 21%
3rd, Follow Me Around: 102 votes. 16%
4th, Big Boots: 80 votes. 12%
5th, Lift: 78 votes. 12%
6th, Reckoner: 21 votes. 3%
7th, I Promise: 10 votes. 1%
8th, Wicked Child: 5. 0%

I think that's pretty much how I rate them... Except I'd have Big Boots higher. And Wicked Child is better than I Promise, but hardly anyone has heard it ;_;

The new poll is Favourite instrumental track. So go vote =O! It's on the left of this page.

And now for something completely different: Yes, today I learned to play True Love Waits on my acoustic guitar =D It's actually quite easy and I'm happy cuz it's such a beautiful song... I still can't sing and strum at the same time though :(

Posted by Paul @ 7:29 PM

 # November 9, 2001

The Official Radiohead Website has been updated. Basically, if you wander around the site and find out what has actually been updated, you'll end up here. It's called an Evening With Noam Chomsky. It's an alternative viewpoint of the events in and around the WTC tragedy. It's very long, but if you have a brain, and a will to learn you'll get it done in half an hour. I strongly suggest you read it.

Edit: Just noticed that the link to the article wasn't working. It's fixed now. (Cheers, Dep mate)

This seems kinda insignificant now after reading that above but still, you can go and vote for Jonny as the world's greatest guitarist over at VH1. Cheers, Ross mate.

Posted by Paul @ 4:21 AM

 # November 8, 2001

There's quite a bit of activity over at our German affiliate Meeting People Is

They've got mp3s of Climbing Up The Walls and Morning Bell from the 2001 Berlin gig for you to download. And if you're a member you can also get Dollars & Cents and No Surprises as bonus downloads. Lovely jubbly!

They've also created a German language Radiohead mailing list... If you want to subscribe then send an email to

There's another review of the I Might Be Wrong EP to throw into the (ever increasing) pile under the stairs. It's over at Jam! and it's not a bad one. Cheers More Productive Radiohead.

And here's another one from Uncut Magazine:
"3 out of 5 stars

Drawing a line under Kid A and Amnesiac, this eight-track mini album performs an efficent job of reminding us that Radiohead remain powerful live performers. The duty of concert recordings to re-invent studio blueprints is conscientiously applied, with off-kilter arrangements, extraneous noise and frothing psycho-jabber galore. Thus "The National Anthem" is a brutalist riot of dirty scuzz-bass and radio static, "Idioteque" a ragged post-jungalist meltdown, "Everything in its right place" a chattering menagerie of self-sampling vocal fragments on an infinite fractal loop. Rock'n'nfrugging roll, dude. Thome Yorke builds to a fiery freak-out in almost every song, spitting death-rattle bile in "I Might be Wrong" and "Dollars and Cents". But there are moments of pure, unforced beauty, too, notably the queasy piano reading of "Like Spinning Plates" and a debut airing of the lusty, much-bootlegged acoustic rarity "True Love Waits". Anyone still hammering the flagrantly untrue 'no tunes' argument against Radiohead should start their re-education here. All the same, a vague air of missed oppurtunity hangs over this frustratingly short snapshot. Many stand-outs from the live shows have been overlooked: the luminous "You and Whose Army", say, or the exquisitely sour "Knives Out". The pointed lack of material from before "Kid A" also seems perverse, denying the historical and sonic framework that these incendiary concerts provided. The scaling-down of ambition which some dissenters detected in these albums is thus reinforced, when actually their live presentation proved the opposite. But for all their self imposed limitations, at least Radiohead prove here that they can conjure blazing intensity, visceral physiality and raging rock dynamics from even wilfully opaque jazzoid chuffing. No surprises, then, but some grandly fucked-up old friends. - Stephen Dalton, Uncut magazine, December 2001."
Cheers Alex for typing that up!

And lastly, as earlier reported Green Plastic Radiohead is again open for business. Turns out Jonathan went over the limit of his (apparently unlimited) bandwidth and so his host closed the site down. My girlfriend has warned me about hosts like those, before o_o

Posted by Paul @ 11:47 PM

 # November 7, 2001

More I Might Be Wrong EP listening party dates are coming in

Mexico City - Tomorrow @ 4pm. Tickets available from Orbita FM 105.7, but you'll have to answer some questions. Nice one At Ease.
Club aliveOne in Chicago - Nov 12th @ 10pm. There will also be a midnight sale and prizes. 2683 N. Halsted.
At Brixton's (on Sparks St.) in Ottawa, Ontario - Nov 10th @ 10-2 pm. Prizes will be given away.
Cheers to Follow Me Around for those last two.

There is an autographed poster auction going on at Capitol Records for the American Red Cross.

Lastly, a correction to earlier news. Canadian tv station 'Much Music' will not be showing the Later with Jools Holland gig. Instead they'll be re-airing the Canal + gig... Oh well. Read the original article here.

Posted by Paul @ 3:23 PM

If you're Canadian, and you buy the I Might Be Wrong EP from HMV (before November 20th) , then you'll be automatically entered into a competition to win... stuff. Like this: "HMV/Amnesiac giant wall banner, Radiohead t-shirt, CD copy of I Might Be Wrong, Meeting People Is Easy on DVD, Parts 1 and 2 of the Knives Out singles". Wow, gosh Billy. That sounds super-de-duper =O! Go here to order it!

Some more reviews of the I Might Be Wrong EP are filtering in... Find them at:

+ NME (cheers James)
+ Dotmusic (posted yesterday, but here it is again)
+ Audiostreet (borrowed from Liquidcat, cheers Dale)
+ (have to scroll down the page a bit)
+ (again, scroll a bit)
+ Rolling Stone

It's out tomorrow in Japan =O!

The amazing wonderful great Green Plastic Radiohead seems to be back up after some recent downtime. Let's hope it stays that way =o

Posted by Paul @ 1:24 AM

 # November 6, 2001

Thanks to the lovely Follow Me Around for the following news items:

There are to be some listening parties for the I Might Be Wrong EP in the US at the following times/dates:

Arizona State - Today @ 6-7pm, The Blaze KASC Radio studio
University of San Francisco - Tomorrow @ 2pm, Harney Plaza
UCSD - 9th of Nov @ 11-2pm, Price Center Theatre
University of Colorado - 12th of Nov @ 10:30pm, Teresa's Pizza Colore (on the Hill)
Hunter College - 13th of Nov @ 2pm, Thomas Hunter Bldg Room 105
University of Washington - 15th of Nov @ 8-10pm, Café Sol Spice
SW Texas State - 18th of Nov @, Gil's Broiler (no time on this one yet)

And remember... listening parties usually have lots of cool free stuff up for grabs!

The Ed O'Brien fanclub Ed's Kinky Shoelace is holding a massive competition with some cool stuff up for grabs in celebration of their move to a new home. Go here, now! =O

Apparently the band are to be part of the soundtrack for the film 'Vanilla Sky'. Can't say I know anything about the film, but it supposedly opens with the song Everything In Its Right Place. Nice.
Edit: Björn informs me that Vanilla Sky is an upcoming Cameron Crowe movie, with Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Kurt Russell and Cameron Diaz. Due to hit screens in December in the US and January over Europe.

And oi, remember... the I Might Be Wrong EP is released tomorrow in Japan =O!!!!

Posted by Paul @ 3:56 PM

There's a review of the soon to be released I Might Be Wrong EP over at Dotmusic. You can read it by clicking here. Nice one Andrew, mate.

And I added an Events Calendar to the site. Similar function to a regular calendar. You see all the dates that stuff is going to be happening on, in an easy to spot, clearly presented fashion =O! If you have any Radiohead events to submit to it (as I'm sure I've missed a few) then please email me.

Posted by Paul @ 1:45 AM

 # November 5, 2001

Okay so, there isn't a lot of news so here is a brief round-up of stuff that I'd wanted to post earlier but didn't get around to... I posted this once and Blogger deleted it so now I'm well pissed off >=O

This is something that has been going on for some time that I just honestly didn't know about... A petition run by
Radiohead Latinoamérica to get Radiohead to include Latinamerica in their world tours. I know I felt pretty gutted when Radiohead only played a few English gigs this year... I don't want to say how I'd feel if they didn't come anywhere near my bloody continent. So I've signed the petition, and the link is here if you also want to do so.

The Synching Ship is an original website by Michael Allen that looks in detail for links between certain albums and films. A significant portion of the links pertain to Radiohead, and it's quite an interesting read. I was emailed about this about a week ago but it never ocurred to me to post something about it in the news... Well here it is. The links between Radiohead and films are on this page and you can read a cool page all about the relationship between The Bends and the movie 'Fight Club' here. Cheers Michael.

Finally, a big happy birthday to Jonny... Don't have a clue how old he is.. Can't be arsed to work it out either :)

And also, happy fireworks night to everyone in Britain who will be celebrating it :)

Posted by Paul @ 6:45 PM

 # November 4, 2001

Here are some snippets from a Capitol Records email..

"No need to keep stock-piling those gritty Radiohead bootlegs in search of the perfect version of the previously unreleased "True Love Waits." Download the track as recorded live for the "I Might Be Wrong" Recordings." You can get that here.

".. don't miss the live video section. This week's special feature, "Idioteque" as performed on "Later...with Jools Holland." Get those here. And here's the best bit:

"And now a word from the Googly Minotaur: 'I have been skooled on the latest Radiohead info and I'm now prepared to tackle your questions. BRING IT ON!'" YOU GO GOOGLY!

If you're Canadian, then you can watch the
Later...with Jools Holland show on Much Music at 9pm EST on November the 15th. You lucky buggers. Oh wait, I have it on tape anyway :D

It's to be on at the following dates/times:
November 15th - 9pm EST (Much Music)
November 16th - Either midnight, or 1am and 8am EST (Much Music)
December 2nd - 8:30pm EST (Musique Plus)
December 3rd - 4:30am EST (Musique Plus)
December 16th - 1:30pm EST (Musique Plus)

You can get a setlist for that gig here.

Now a few words from.. me: Liverpool 3 - 1 Manchester United... Ha.. HA... HA HA HA HAHAHAAH! Top of the league with a game in hand... *sings*. Football. Isn't it? Small boys.. Jumpers for goalposts.. Ahh, those were the days.

Posted by Paul @ 2:03 PM

 # November 2, 2001

Okay, I taped that Radiohead: Played In Full show yesterday. And today I set upon writing it out. So here, just for you lot is a very cool, long interview with all of the band from MTV's Radiohead: Played In Full: Click here

In other news, you can now download Strung Out on OK Computer in mp3 format from This Website. I haven't heard them myself, so I can't vouch for quality (yet).

Also, the website has two quite hilarious short cartoon movies involving the band. They're in Flash format, and you can get them here: Electric Cars | Animating People Is Easy.

Those are both from the great More Productive Radiohead.

Posted by Paul @ 7:13 PM

 # November 1, 2001

Okay, I wasn't gonna update the site today cuz well... like... I couldn't be arsed with it. But I was sitting downstairs watching MTV:2 and it said tonight at 10pm (GMT) that they're gonna air 'Radiohead: Played In Full' and it looks well cool. Thank God I saw the ad. So to recap:

Tonight: MTV:2 UK - 10pm Radiohead - Played In Full

Whew.. panic over. Also fan-bloody-tastic Australian site Climbing Up The Walls has a new layout and is finally being updated again. Nice one.

That Groundwork 2001 CD featuring Brad Mehldau's piano version of Paranoid Android is out now and is only available via Starbucks Coffee Shops, or going here. Nice one, Tristan mate.

It's a new month so if you're confused, all of October's news can now be found in the News Archives. And I trust everyone had a happy Halloween? :)

Posted by Paul @ 7:43 PM

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