Full Name: Phillip James Selway
Date Of Birth: May 23rd 1967
Instrument(s): Drums
Education: Abingdon Boys School, Liverpool Polytechnic (studied English and history)
Previous Jobs: Drumming in pit bands for touring musicals, Sub-editor, English language teacher
Key Words: Quiet, bald, well-dressed, sensuous
Past influences - The Beat, Joy Division, The Ruts
Current faves - Teenage Fanclub, Tricky, Supergrass, Captain Beefheart
Favourite Movies/TV/Books: "Shenandoah", "This Morning", "Ask The Family", "Becoming A Mon", "Waterland"
Likes: Being noticed, fish, vodka and tonic
Dislikes: Sitting at the back of the stage, in relative obscurity
Influences: Luck, mostly
Other: Often said to be the band's emotional anchor. So mild-mannered that he is known as 'Mad Dog'. The band claim they wind-up new engineers and producers by telling them to watch out for Phil's temper. Married to Kate.

Instruments: Drums.

Along the same lines as Colin, Phil is not the most talented person to ever play his instrument. Yet without him Radiohead just wouldn't be the same band. His style is unique to the type of songs the band use, and the type of drumming they require. I'm sure there are better drummers than Phil out there. But none of them could fill (no pun intended) his role as Radiohead's drummer quite as well. It's the way he plays that complements the songs so well. Tracks like
Exit Music [For A Film], and Pyramid Song simply wouldn't be the same with another drummer there. And that's how it is. Every band needs a drummer, and Radiohead couldn't be better with anyone but Phil.

Phil is married with kids. He's slightly older than the rest of the band, and also seen as the 'left out' one. He dislikes not being noticed, and having to sit at the back with his drum kit. He's the emotional piller for the band, with apparently, no temper whatsoever.

See Phil's Page at Radiohead.com.

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