Here's a load of various quotes from Phil Selway in interviews and the such...

"I draw my drum parts mainly from Thom; he's got a very good sense of rhythm."

"I like Glastonbury out of all the festivals, cuz there's a sense of it being an event, and the music is secondary to that."

"DJ Shadow has inspired me. How that man pastes rhythms to each other. The end result sounds a lot different than we intended by the way."

"My advice is that if you're in a band and you feel is good, stick with it and work at it, because basically what we've done is kept a school band together for years with nothing happening--until recently."

"For us to work on our own in these various locations was like coming full circle, back to before we signed a deal and we were just making demos. It would just be the five of us and a little recorder, and it was a very unselfconscious way of working"

"The Bends was an introspective album ... There was an awful lot of soul searching. To do that again on another album would be excruciatingly boring."

"My reflex action is to stick my tongue out - not in a Gene Simmons, foot on the monitor way, but in a having difficulty with tricky arithmetic type way. Consequently, I have a saliva rash on my lower lip when I come offstage."

"With No Surprises, we just said we have that very first take and then we thought, "Well, you know, it can't be that!" So we went on and filled three reels of tape with different versions of No Surprises and eventually came back to the very first one."

[on OK Computer]
"When we first delivered the album to Capitol, their first reaction was, more or less, `Commercial suicide.' They weren't really into it. At that point, we got The Fear. How is this going to be received?"

[on recording Just]
"My favourite drum take on the album. Combination of sound rock and sassy grooves...well, I can dream, anyway."

"Hi. My name is Philip and I have a sugar problem."

[on recording Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was]
"Did the drum take after a five mile run - it shows."

"Anyway, when this tour is over, I'm checking into the Nutrasweet rehab centre. Just remember: sweets - just say no."

[on looping]
"It can be an exiting and fast way of working. Just throw a load of your drumming on tape and spice it up. I suppose some people would think that i was a bit of a cheat, but what's a cheat if you can respond emotionally and it's good music?"

[on Take That's Mark Owen]
"He asked us where our last single went in the chart and when I didn't know, he looked at me like I was really weird."

[on some other instruments that he had formal training in]
Phil: The tuba. No real need for a tuba on a Radiohead record.
Jonny: Not yet!

"Isn't it nice to read the reviews and the cover stories you always dreamt about? Yeah, but you dream about good pictures of yourselves as well."

"The best thing about Jonny is that he's extremely funny...He usually costs less than a video. The only problem is you can't take him back to the shop when you're sick of him"

[on the fan club]
"It's really touching. They only do it beacuse they don't like anyone to feel left out. We had dinner, they all gave me little presents, and then we played party games."

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