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Here's a list of all the Radiohead books we know of. A lot of the information for these was borrowed from Green Plastic Radiohead, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. So, big up to them! :D

01. Green Plastic Watering Can
02. Screaming Pop Song
03. Radiohead: The Unauthorised Edition
04. Coming Up For Air
05. Radiohead: An Illustrated Biography
06. From A Great Height
07. Hysterical And Useless
08. Standing On The Edge
09. Exit Music: The Radiohead Story
10. Maximum Radiohead
Green Plastic Watering Can Book Cover -- Green Plastic Watering Can --

Author: William Stone
Publisher: Music Book Services Corporation
Released: October 1996

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> Amazon
Screaming Pop Song Book Cover -- Screaming Pop Song --

Author: ??
Publisher: ??
Released: ??
Radiohead: The Unauthorised Edition Disc Cover -- Radiohead: The Unauthorised Edition --

Author: ??
Publisher: ??
Released: 1995

An interview disc with Ed & Jonny packaged with a 120+ paged booklet containing a chronological discography.
Coming Up For Air Book Cover -- Coming Up For Air --

Author: Steve Malins
Publisher: Virgin Music Publishing
Released: March 1997
Radiohead: An Illustrated Biography Book Cover -- Radiohead: An Illustrated Biography --

Author: Nick Johnstone
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Released: November 1997

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Barnes & Noble
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From A Great Height Book Cover -- From A Great Height --

Author: Jonathan Hale
Publisher: ECW Press
Released: March 1999

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Barnes & Noble
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From a Great Height is the first comprehensive book on this amazing band. It's loaded with photos, trivia, history, and never-before-published info. It also includes explanations of Radiohead's frequently misunderstood songs, and the single most complete discography of the band. At once an informed commentary on the contemporary rock scene and a guide to an incredibly popular rock group, From a Great Height offers Radiohead fans a picture-packed, story-filled, music-loving feast.

Hysterical And Useless Book Cover -- Hysterical And Useless --

Author: Martin Clarke
Publisher: Plexus Publishing Limited
Released: April 1999

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A a veteran music journalist takes us inside Radiohead's world. Drawing on extensive interviews with all five band members -- composer and lead singer Thom Yorkie, guitarists Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien, bassist Colin Greenwood, and drummer Phil Selway -- Martin Clarke chronicles how five teenage friends from Oxford, England, went on to become the most highly praised rock group of the late 1990s. Clarke covers their early days on the Oxford club scene; their first album, Pablo Honey, with its slacker-friendly single "The Creep"; their second album, The Bends, followed by U.S. tours with R.E.M. and Alanis Morrisette; and finally their astonishing concept album OK Computer. Illustrated with photographs throughout, this Radiohead biography will be required reading for the band's legions of fans.

Standing On The Edge Book Cover -- Standing On The Edge --

Author: Alex Ogg
Publisher: Boxtree
Released: April 2000

Exit Music: The Radiohead Story Book Cover -- Exit Music: The Radiohead Story --

Author: Marc Randall
Publisher: Dell Books
Released: Sept 2000

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This October, when Radiohead release their highly anticipated follow-up to 1997's guitar-driven OK Computer, music critics may very well bestow the Oxford quintet with "The Most Important Band in Rock" accolade that cursed U2, R.E.M. and the Clash. The East Coast editor of Launch magazine, Randall is undoubtedly one of the many journalists eager to exclaim "genius!" again, but his biography of the Grammy winners is economical, restrained and unauthorized (band members "respectfully declined" Randall's requests to cooperate). After briefly reenacting the now mythic June 1997 concert at New York City's Irving Plaza, attended by rock's superstar aristocracy (Bono, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, etc.), Randall smartly spends most of his narrative on the band's fascinating, decade-long conception in and around culturally barren Oxford, whose Radiohead landmarks he visited and lays out. Non- and neo-Anglophiles will especially appreciate Randall's definitions of British terms and background on the British music industry, music press and education system (all five musicians met at the all-male Abingdon School). As for the inevitable "record critique" chapters, Randall rarely throws in his two cents, preferring to sprinkle passages with the band's own pithy observations and recording-session anecdotes culled from magazine interviews. Exit music? Not quite, as Radiohead are pushing the boundaries of pop music (the new record is rumored to include Miles Davis and backwards singing). Because the book will be published right before the new album debuts, it will be nearly out of date by the time it hits bookstores. However, Randall's work will still serve as a reliable introduction to an ever-evolving band.

Maximum Radiohead Disc Cover -- Maximum Radiohead --

Author: Harry Drysdale-Wood
Publisher: Chrome Dreams
Released: April 2001

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Barnes & Noble
> Amazon

With 3 albums in the bag and their forth, the most eagerly waited CD of recent times, due out shortly. The band that people are calling `The new Pink Floyd` might be just that, if their success and longevity are being referred to.

`Maximum Radioheads`charts their rise to such commercial and critical heights and anticipates the imminent universal acclaim that did greet the release of `Kid A` on October 2nd.

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