Fitter Happier - Radiohead Releases

They've never been much of a singles band, Radiohead. It's the strength of their albums that normally gets them the most praise. I can't think of any songs they've made that are actually decent singles. Decent songs, without a doubt. But not the type of music that is going to climb the teeny-bopper dominated charts. In any case, they've released a fair few singles, and they're listed to the right. Click on a song title to find out more about its disc.

Highest Charted Single: Paranoid Android - 1997 - 3rd
Lowest Charted Single: Drill - 1992 - 101st
Latest Single: Knives Out - 2001 - 13th
01. Drill
02. Creep
03. Anyone Can Play Guitar
04. Pop Is Dead
05. Stop Whispering
06. My Iron Lung
07. High And Dry/Planet Telex
08. Fake Plastic Trees
09. Just
10. The Bends
11. Street Spirit [Fade Out]
12. Lucky
13. Paranoid Android
14. Karma Police
15. No Surprises
16. Pyramid Song
17. Knives Out

------- Collaborations -------
01. El President
02. Rabbit In Your Headlights
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