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Before Radiohead were signed, they were called 'On A Friday'. This was because the only time they could practise was on Fridays. They produced the On A Friday demo tape which convinced the management team of Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge to make the Manic Hedgehog demo that eventually got them signed. This was all in 1991, and soon after being signed, the band changed their name to Radiohead, which is the title of a Talking Heads song. The two demos below were cassettes recorded by On A Friday.

-- On A Friday demo tape --

Release Date: April 1991

01. What Is That You Say?
02. Stop Whispering [demo version]
03. Give It Up

The only place to find the tracks 'What Is That You Say?' and 'Give It Up', this tape also contained an early demo version of 'Stop Whispering', which appeared on to the first album Pablo Honey. This demo convinced Radiohead's managers to produce the 'Manic Hedgehog demo'
-- Manic Hedgehog demo tape --

Release Date: October 1991

01. I Can't [manic hedgehog version]
02. Nothing Touches Me
03. Thinking About You [manic hedgehog version]
04. Phillipa Chicken
05. You [manic hedgehog version]

A five track demo, which eventually got the band signed. This contains 3 tracks that were to appear on the debut album Pablo Honey, although they were re-recorded for the album. The other 2 tracks remain On A Friday demos that you can't find on any other release.
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