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   May 30th '01

All the images for the Message Boards and the Guestbook aren't working because silly bastards, tripod decided that image linking is bad. I'm sure it is, if you're the type of person who joins tripod JUST for the sake of image linking, but listen mate, I have no other place to put the images for my forums and my guestbook. What am I supposed to do? They're part of my 'site' so link the friggin images! *ahem* bit of a rant there.

So yeah, the images in those sections are down. Not that anyone ever visits them anyway...

Oh yeah, there's also News.

   May 29th '01

More News (not much, though). And again, a very slightly updated Touring Centre + France gig setlist.

   May 28th '01

We have some lovely News. As well as a slightly updated Touring Centre including a setlist from Saturday's gig in Bilbao, Spain.

   May 26th '01

Finally added all the b-sides to the Lyrics & Songs section. Also updated all the links which lead to b-sides from the Discography.

   May 25th '01

Hey, guess what? News.

   May 24th '01

More News as always. And as a special treat, an updated Touring Centre!

   May 23rd '01

Bit of News.

Also, added the Pyramid Song single to the Discography.

   May 21st '01

There's more News for yas!

   May 20th '01


Sorry for the lack of updates! There's only a small one today. I've had some other things on, y'see. But hopefully, next week we'll have a new staff member, so he can take the helm when my social life calls :D Anyway, there's a tiny bit of News for you.

   May 15th '01

There be some exclusive News, and me also fixed a minute detail on the Touring Centre.

   May 13th '01

Tiny bit of News for you.

   May 12th '01

BOOM, we has News. And now I'm buggering off for 2 hours cuz the cup final is on. COME ON LIVERPOOL!

   May 11th '01

Changed the Links page a bit. That's all so far. Oi, it's only just gone 1am, guv.
Now it's 1pm, and there is also News. :)

   May 10th '01

And on that day, there was News for everyone! And it was good.

   May 9th '01

Updated the News page, and the Touring Centre. It may seem odd, but I also updated the Updates page, AND the Main page. And I always do!

   May 8th '01

There's more News, as always.
And an updated Touring Centre.

   May 7th '01

There's more News, innit.
Also created the Touring Centre today =D All the confirmed upcoming dates will be put there as soon as I get them.

   May 6th '01

Sorry for lack of updates. I'd love to say that I had something really important to do, but no. I just couldn't be arsed :D Anway, there's a big fat News update for you.

   May 3rd '01

Me say there be more News.

   May 1st '01

I completely revamped the Lyrics & Song Info section! Booka! Me likes the newer look far better. It includes all the lyrics from the new album, too :D No b-sides or unreleased as yet, though. I'll do it when I find time.

iBlip 2.0 is here! It's on the Main Page so check it out for all kinds of Radiohead goodies such as pics, postcards, videos, sounds and more!

Oh yeah, I updated the News too.

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