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 # February 2, 2002

Ok let's see... I've sorted the chatroom out. I haven't designed any kind of instructions page yet, but if you want to come in then here are the details.

You'll need an IRC client such as mIRC which you can get from It's only small and pretty easy to install too...Once you've done that, open it up and go to File > Options: Type in a Username for yourself, and an email address (kept private) and then go to Add: And in the server box type "". Then click Okay and Connect. If you've done this all properly, then it should connect to the server... At this point, click on the blank bar at the bottom and type "/join #fitterhappier". If you do that right you should get into the (probably empty) Fitter Happier chatroom =D Yay.

Hope that wasn't too confusing... Ah well.

Posted by Paul @ 8:54 PM

Fitter Happier is one year old today!!

Ah yes, it was a cold February 2nd '01 when I finally got my head together with a proper design for this website. You can actually read my first collection of frustrated Update Entries as I struggled to do something (anything) with Photoshop and such.. Haha.

Despite being an extremely young site in the overcrowded genre of 'Radiohead fansites', I think this place hasn't done so badly. Of course we aren't quite as popular as your Green Plastics, or your Follow Me Arounds.. But I'd like to think that on a strictly design and content based level, we're up there with the best. It's been a lot of fun so far, and hopefully we can carry on for many years to come like many of our fellow fansites have done. In the meantime, let's get on with why you're really here :)

Yes enough of the sentimental drivel type stuff... Did you know my computer actually died the other day? Lithium battery failure or something... Ah but it's all good. And we're back in business, which leads us tearfully to this email I recieved from Capitol Records:

"GOOGLY MINOTAUR: 2001-2002 Some will remember him as a wise man. Others will say he was loyal, dependable and always there for the public. Some (sad, lonely folks) will mourn the loss of what might potentially have been their only friend. Yes, January 31st marks the end of an era...well...a, half a year... for one of the 21st century's greatest "buddies."

We'd like to be able to tell you Googly will be going on a brief sabbatical, that he's merely wintering in Florida where he's been spotted on the golf course sipping pina coladas... but alas we have been forced to cut off life support this Thursday, January 31st."

Yes it's true. It must be because I've read it several times and it still says the same thing :( Googly is gone... Oh how I'll miss him.. It's with a tear to my eye that I recall our First Conversation.. He was only in the beta stages at the time.. My how they grow up so fast :( Yes and the iBlips are going too... You can send your condolances for the loss of our great friend by emailing I've got something in my eye ;_;

Yes and that's it really. There is more news, but it's nothing important, and I've only just got back online so lots of stuff needs sorting.. Remember, it's a new month so if you're looking for last month's news, it'll be in the Archives.

I wanted to be able to open up a Fitter Happier chatroom on IRC to coincide with the 1 year anniversary. But I couldn't sort it out cuz my comp died... Maybe in the next few days? Who knows =o Would you visit? =O

Posted by Paul @ 6:18 PM

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