May 1997
Length: 3:50
Disc: Paranoid Android single CD2 | College Karma EP
Running From Demons EP | Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP
Tablature: Guitar

One of Radiohead's most beautiful songs, in my opinion. To me, it's a really moving song, because the lyrics are on a very personal level, and they.. I don't know, they just mean something to me. The pace, the voice, the words, everything about this song is perfect.

It starts off with a recording from a Czech train station, with people talking and walking about, with the trains in the background. Slowly the music becomes louder and louder, until you can't hear the recording anymore. Then Thom starts to sing.

If I get old, I will not give in
But if I do, remind me of this
Remind me that once I was free
Once I was cool, once I was me

And if I sit down and cross my arms
Hold me into this song

Knock me out, smash out my brains
If I take a chair
And start to talk shit

If I get old, remind me of this
Of the night we kissed, and that I really meant it
Whatever happens, if we're still speaking
Pick up the phone, play me this song
Thom Yorke "That song was written in one of those days off you have on a tour where you literally, all you can do is sit in your hotel room cause there's nothing. It [was] a Sunday, and it's somewhere near Hershey, I got no idea where we were and there was just nothing to do at all. And I had this idea of someone writing a song, sending it to someone and saying, 'If I ever lose it, you just pick up the phone and play me this song back to remind me.'" - Thom
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