June 1994
Length: 2:20
Disc: Street Spirit [Fade Out] single CD2 | My Iron Lung Dutch single
Tablature: Guitar

Other Versions:
Acoustic @ Signal Radio - Itch EP | Pop Is Dead single

I love this song. A very old b-side from the band, it still crept into their setlists for live shows towards the end of 1997 (it was written in something like 1993). The lyrics seem to make little actual sense about anything, but the song is still beautiful. A gentle acoustic track which gains slight momentum, ending with a guitar solo and some final lyrics.

The song existed in an acoustic version for a long time and was occasionally played live before it was recorded for the 'Axe the Act!' compilation (Thom: "It's going to do more good on there than on the (second) LP") and then later included on the Street Spirit single with full guitar.

It's the type of song that illustrates just why Radiohead are the best band in the world. This song is easily better than many of the proper released songs other bands do, yet it is a b-side that was only released on the not too popular Street Spirit CD2, as well as a few rare foreign singles.

Oh, Banana Co.
We really love you, and we need you
And oh, Banana Co.
We'd really love to believe you, but

Everything's underground
We gotta dig it up somehow
Yeah, yeah

Oh, she said "no go"
She said she'd like to
She's seen you
And oh, Banana Co.
She knows if you die, then we all do and

Everything's underground
We gotta dig it up somehow
Yeah, yeah

Everything's burning down
We gotta put out somehow
Yeah, yeah
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