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Hi there and welcome to the Tablature section of Fitter Happier. Here you can find tabs for as many Radiohead songs as I.. have tabs for (talk about stating the obvious). These are mostly guitar tabs, but some are for other instruments. The category will be obvious. And the songs are listed similar to the way they are in the Lyrics & Songs section. Y'know, albums, bsides, unreleased etc. Many of the tabs found here were borrowed from the Radiohead Guitar Archive which is at Planet Telex. All files are credit to the author stated within.

If you have worked on any tabs, or know of any not listed here, please email them to me as a .txt file. The address is:

Tablature Explained:
Now this tabs lark can be a bit confusing if you're new to an instrument... Or new to tablature. You can get a pretty nice explanation of how it works here. And, just because I'm nice, here is a link to probably the best guitar lessons site I've ever seen. If you're learning the guitar, I highly recommend this site for its lessons. They're very good, and very detailed. The site is Guitar Lessons.

Radiohead use some specific tuning for a lot of songs. Here's a guide to some of them: Click.


01. Everything In Its Right Place
02. Kid A
03. The National Anthem | bass
04. How To Disappear Completely | bass
05. Treefingers
06. Optimistic | drum
07. In Limbo | bass
08. Idioteque
09. Morning Bell | bass
10. Motion Picture Soundtrack | acoustic
Last Flowers Till The Hospital
True Love Waits
Wicked Child
This Mess We're In
Cinnamon Girl
I'll Wear It Proudly
Nobody Does It Better
Rhinestone Cowboy
Shot By Both Sides
Sing A Song For You
The Thief
Union City Blue
Wish You Were Here
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