Site Updates

   August 30th '01

A tiny update since I'm still in America. Just corrected some stuff in the Lyrics & Song Info section.

   August 20th '01

News. Yes. Oh, and I won't be updating the site again for 3 weeks because I'm going to the US to see my girlfriend :)

   August 18th '01

More News and more Touring Centre and more setlists.

   August 16th '01


   August 15th '01

More News and some Touring Centre setlists! *shock, horror*.

   August 14th '01

Same again please, barman... News.

   August 13th '01

Just News again today, mates.

   August 12th '01

News, mate.

   August 11th '01

Added a new affiliate to the affiliates section. Namely the mighty More Productive Radiohead. Hopefully you'll see us working together on some things as soon as one of us thinks of something worth working on. Yes..

Also, be nice to me because I'm only a poor English boy and vote for Fitter Happier in the Online Music Awards! Go to the News section to vote!

Oh yeah, I fixed some stuff in the Lyrics & Songs section too. Namely Dollars & Cents, Big Ideas, Follow Me Around and True Love Waits.

   August 10th '01

Updated the News page for the first time since re-opening the site. Also pulled the Touring Centre up to scratch. Lots of setlists.. Lots.

   August 8th '01

Updated the Lyrics & Song Info section a fair bit. More specifically added lyrics to the new b-sides Cuttooth, Fog and Worrywort.

Also, an updated Discography. I've added the Knives Out single. The video of that, and I Might Be Wrong will be added to the Videography in the next few days.

   August 7th '01

There's a new poll up in the News page! Yes, news will come later. Give me a chance! Or... something. Anyway, go vote =D

   August 6th '01

Right, I know... I said I'd be opening the site again with a whole new layout months from now... But I just missed Fitter Happier! And I had no idea what sort of new layout to do. So the site is now re-opened and I'll be adding new things to the Discography, Lyrics and News sections ... tomorrow probably =O!

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