Full Name: Colin Charles Greenwood
Date Of Birth: June 26th 1969
Instrument(s): Bass guitar
Education: Abingdon Boys School, Cambridge University (studied English Literature)
Previous Jobs: Ents officer at Peterhouse, Cambridge; assistant at Our Price, Oxford
Key Words: Garrulous, funny, bookish, can't drive
Past influences - Talking heads, The Fall, R.E.M, Tom Waits
Current faves - Ennio morricone, Prince Buster, Lee Scratch Perry
Favourite Movies/TV/Books: "Wings Of Desire", 'Bullet Park", "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities", "Perdido"
Likes: Strawberry
Dislikes: Being asked, "If you were a milkshake, what flavour would you be?" in questionnaires
Influences: Madonna, The Pointer Sisters
Other: Known as Coz.

Instruments: Bass Guitar.

Colin is the Radiohead bassist. And while he's not the most obvious outstanding bassist in the entire world, his style does suit Radiohead perfectly. I don't think any other bassist could take his place in this band, because it just wouldn't work. The continuous fast 'boom' he adds to songs like
The National Anthem, and Dollars & Cents are vital to how the song comes across. He can change the way a song sounds entirely, such as Planet Telex (which would be nowhere without a bit of decent bass), and can also sit back and add simple yet significant touches to beautiful melodies. A good example of this is Street Spirit [Fade Out]. A bassist is required in a guitar band. He's not the most talented bassist to ever walk the earth, but he's the only one that could work well with a band like Radiohead. Such is his style, Colin is a vital foundation for the band to build their songs around.

Apparently Colin can't get laid, and is a compulsive liar. But he enjoys a drink and is very strong minded and astute with a good sense of humour. He's also downloaded a library... So Thom reckons.

See Colin's Page at Radiohead.com.

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