February 1995
Length: 4:17
Disc: The Bends | High And Dry single CD1 & CD2 | Club Mix DJ: Planet Telex | The Bends single [misprint]
Tablature: Guitar | Bass

Other Versions:
Hexidecimal Mix - High And Dry single CD1 | Fake Plastic Trees US single | Club Mix DJ: Planet Telex
L.f.o Mix - High And Dry single CD2 | Club Mix DJ: Planet Telex
Karma Sunra Mix - Just single CD1
Trashed Mix - Club Mix DJ: Planet Telex
Depthcharge Mix - Altered States
Mo-Wax Mix - High And Dry UK 12"
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Live @ The Forum - Live Au Forum EP | Just single CD2
Cover by Secret Society - Anyone Can Play Radiohead Tribute LP

'Planet Xerox' was this song's original title, but because Xerox was a copyrighted name, Radiohead changed it to 'Planet Telex.'

The only song written in the studio during The Bends sessions, it was recorded one night when the band returned to the studio after drinking a lot of wine. Thom did the vocals lying down, completely drunk.

A track very different in how it sounds, to the rest of the album. This is one of those songs that you either really love, or think is okay. It displays perfectly how Radiohead started to use guitars more subtly to create music than simply for noise to accompany the sound of the vocals. The lyrics seem to tell the story of a voice in your head, which constantly reminds you that no matter what you do, it isn't going to work. 'You can force it, but it will not come', 'Everything is broken' etc.

This is the most frequent remixed song in Radiohead's roster. Two remixes feature on the High And Dry singles CD1 & CD2 respectively.

You can force it but it will not come
You can taste it but it will not form
You can crush it but it's always here
You can crush it but it's always near
Chasing you home saying
"Everything is broken"
"Everyone is broken"

You can force it but it will stay stung
You can crush it as dry as a bone
You can walk it home straight from school
You can kiss it, you can break all the rules
All of the rules
But still...
"Everything is broken"
"Everyone is broken"

"Everyone is, everyone is broken"
"Everyone is, everything is broken"

Why can't you forget?
Why can't we forget?
Why can't you forget?
Colin Greenwood "Err...whooshy? Sitting in t.v. room at rak studio whilst Thom, Ed and Leckie were working on it, thinking... 'What is this old bollocks?' ...then putting bass on, thinking...
'Oh yes, oooh yess, I like it!'." - Colin

Ed O'Brien
"A drunken evening that spawned probably my favourite track. Thom's one-take vocal crouching in the corner was particularly memorable, he may have been unable to stand. Love colin's bass groove thing on this." - Ed
Phil Selway
"We used up some leftovers to create the drum loop we cut up and re-arranged the outro section from the first version of "Killer Cars". Steve Osbourne's remix is great" - Phil
Jonny Greenwood
"This was the only song [from The Bends] written in the studio. I remember helping Thom to write the verse, but not having the stamina to stay for the debauched recording session" - Jonny
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