Thom breaks his back Never give women machines It's that bird from... that group whose name I can't remember... Shopping trolley races are the best! Thom goes a bit mental Your dad... yesterday *hides* Does it look like he's about to swear to you too? No comment... Again, nothing to say here

Director: Jake Scott
Location: An Aircraft Hanger, Los Angeles
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Arguably Radiohead's greatest song is coupled with arguably Radiohead's greatest video. Thom finally sorted his hair out, which was nice. As did Colin.

The setting is supposed to be some kind of futuristic supermarket. All that fills the shelves are jars of colour-coded goop. As various strange looking shoppers walk around the market, the band are sat inside shopping trolleys being wheeled about by... no one in particular. It doesn't look as dodgy as it sounds.

As the tension of the song builds, Thom starts freaking out inside his trolley, and the shoppers become a bit more strange. One girl takes a pricing machine and starts whacking all these jars with it like a loon. Towards the end all the band leave the store, as a blonde 'girl from the 80's' files her nails.

".. directed by jake Scott who regarded Radiohead as "bright guys... a very open-minded kind of group". Supposedly an allegory for death and reincarnation, the film depicted Thom being pushed round in a supermarket trolley, with various strange images passing by - old men with guns, babies being carried round and shop assistants using pricing machines as tools of violence." - The Interview Booklet

This is on every now and again on UK music stations.
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