Director: Unknown
Location: A Studio, Earth, The Milkway
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No pictures again, here. This wasn't even a proper video, as Kid A had no singles. But Radiohead decided to make this so that the music stations had something to play.

I've only ever seen this once, so it's pretty rarely on. It's a live show of them in a studio. True to their promise that they would not be making any videos for the Kid A album, this is simply a recording of a live show. It's quite different to the studio version, in sound. Since the band didn't like the idea of miming for a video, this was what they let out. It was very rarely aired, though.
Thom sings, and also tries to dance. Ed has a guitar, for no reason. And shakes some shaker thingies... Colin plays a keyboard, Phil hits his drums. And Jonny plugs things into a wall... Indeed. Interesting to watch, if you can find it.
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