A man goes for a walk Thom spazzes out The band, on form Look! A building! Thom tries to eat his mic Thom wishes his mic was a woman 'Huff... feel a bit... tired' Thom kisses his woman.. er, mic Scandal, as well dressed man sleeps on streets Ed's long lost brother Scandal as Ed's long lost brother is found sleeping on the streets More Radiohead Why Thom, what lovely trainers you have Thom contemplates suicide Hmm... nah, not in the mood Wake up, Bill! Or I'll kick you!

Director: Jamie Thraves
Location: Liverpool Street Station, London, England
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Arguably the greatest music video over made! This has one of the greatest mini-plots to it! I've got it on tape, so I wrote down the exact script for you all. Though it's far better to watch than read.

A man goes for a walk one day, in the city. Radiohead are playing this song in a house on the street he walks down, and the camera occasionally switches from shots of the man and his story, to shots of Radiohead playing. Suddenly, the man decides to lie down on the pavement. A while later, another man who wasn't looking, trips over the bloke lying on the floor. The dialogue is as follows:

Standing Man: Jesus I'm sorry! I didn't see you there.
Are you okay?
Lying Down Man: Yes.
Standing: What happened? Did you fall?
Lying: No I'm fine. Please leave me alone
Standing: You've been drinking
Lying: I haven't been drinking
Standing: Why are you lying in the middle of the pavement?
You could have broken my neck!
Look... what's wrong?
Here, let me help you
Lying: *shouts* No! Don't touch me!
** A group of people see the man lying down, and come over **
Woman: What's the matter with him? Has he fallen?
Standing: No, he hasn't fallen
Man: Is he hurt?
Lying: No, please all of you leave me alone
Woman: He must be mad
Lying: I'm not mad. Just leave me alone
Standing: Why are you lying down?
Why won't you tell me what's wrong?
Lying: Look, I can't tell you... It wouldn't be right
** A policeman arrives on a motorbike **
Woman: He must be mad. Oh look! Officer! Officer!
** The officer bends down to talk to the man lying in the street **
Officer: Are you alright?
Lying: I'm fine. Please, will you just let me lie here?
Officer: I'm afraid I can't let you do that, sir. *reaches out for the man lying down*
Lying: *shouts* Don't touch me!
Standing: Just tell me why you're lying there! Tell me!
Lying: You don't want to know. Please believe me
Standing: You don't think that there's any point, right?
What, that we're all going to die?
Is that it? Is that why you're lying there?
Lying: No.
Officer: Tell us! Tell us for Christ's sake!
Lying: You want to know why I'm lying here?
Standing: Yes!
Lying: You really want to know?
Yes, I'll tell you. I'll tell you why I'm lying here
But God forgive me... And God help us all.
Because you don't know what you ask of me
Standing: Tell us!

At this point, the man tells them, but the subtitles disappear and the viewer has no way of knowing what he says. The camera cuts to a shot of the band, and then back to the street. Except now, everyone is lying down in the road. The band has said it'll never tell anyone what the man says, because it'll make you want to lay down in the road, too. I think that's bull, and that he doesn't actually say anything. But it still makes for an excellent video ^^

This is still played on UK music stations sometimes. Keep an eye out!
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