Illuminous Thom! Hello A bomb going off... yesterday It's Ed! And Jonny! No!  The bomb went off near Jonny! ARGH! *bang* He's still alive?! So is Ed! Go Jonny go go go More Ed... I think Yeah, he looks like he's about to cry here Illuminous Thom part 2 He really needs to sort his hair out

Director: Quite frankly I couldn't tell you. There's a chance his name was Frederic, though.
Location: The Astoria, London, England
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This is basically a live performance that Radiohead played at The Astoria in London. They liked this recording so much, that they used it for the actual recorded version. Except they dubbed Thom's voice over afterwards. So in this video, the band actually aren't miming. It's basically a live performance :D Thom still needs to sort his hair out, though. The rest of the band look okay. No wait, Colin needs to sort his wig out as well. Good video though. Captures the intensity of the song well.

This is shown rarely on UK muisc stations. It is shown though, so be patient!
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