Director: Shynola
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The band's newest, and possibly best video to date. Besides Paranoid Android, it's the only video they've ever made without any of them in it. Produced by the graphics team of Shynola, who took inspiration from a dream Thom told them about.

"Thom Yorke sent us a very disjointed couple of paragraphs about a dream he'd had about lights in the sky and a load of survivors floating in an aircraft carrier after an unhnown disaster or event and we took our inspiration from that." - Jason Groves

The video, which consists entirely of high quality CGI (computer generated images) is probably one of the saddest videos I've seen. It starts with a man standing on a platform, surrounded by the ocean. There's just water for as far as you can see. The man picks up an oxygen tank, and 'jumps in the river'. As soon as he does so, we find that the platform he was standing on was actually the tip of a skyscraper that had been buried underwater. As he swims on, we discover that there's an entire modern day city completely submersed in the ocean. The man continues to swim, passing buildings, streets, collections of seaweed, skeletons, old books and the like... Until he reaches a road full of houses. He shines his torch about on them, until he comes to one in particular. We're led to believe it's his house. He opens the door, and swims into the house... After exploring for a bit, he goes inside the main room, and sits in a chair in the middle. The camera pans out, as Thom sings "There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt". The man cuts his life saving oxygen cord and the camera follows it as it whips up to the surface, leaving him down there to drown.
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