Director: Jonathan Glazer
Location: A nasty tunnel motorway
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The video for the collaboration between Thom and DJ Shadow. I heard somewhere that this was band by MTV... And I read somewhere else that it was nominated for MTVs best video award... Hmm. Anyway

It features a man, walking down a very busy road. He's walking right in the middle of one of the lanes, and lots of cars have to swerve around him to avoid collision. So he just mumbles down the road, mumbling nonsense to himself and seemingly unaware that his life is in great danger. As the video gets on a bit, a car hits him and he's sent flying into the street. He lies down for a minute... then gets up unharmed and continues to walk. A bit later, another car hits him... He does the same.. Gets up unharmed and starts to walk again. This happens several times... Each time, the collisions becoming more gruesome. Until finally, as a car hits him, it gets all crumpled up and smashed as if it had gone into a brick wall. While the man simply stands there as if nothing had happened. The place gets clouded in smoke and the video ends.
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